Long Tengyun sneered, "Why not try?"

The peripheral Xuantiandao honored the dream and exchanged glances. Although they were dissatisfied with Long Tengyun’s move just now, how can the pillars of the right path ignore the appearance of the two kings of the demon world?
Slowly out of the dream, Xuantiandao Zun walked to the field and attracted everyone’s attention.
The two factions drew their swords to be on high alert, and their attention shifted to the silver wolf dragon body.
The evil sect masters are eager to move when they see this, waiting for the opportunity.
Stood in Xuantiandao and looked at the two heavenly kings seriously. "Since ancient times, the two invaders have been so presumptuous that we wait for the right people-"
The double-headed silver wolf interrupted him and shouted, "You don’t have to talk about benevolence, righteousness and morality. In the end, it’s better not to do it directly."
It’s said that Xuantiandao nodded and said, "In this case, you should be careful."
Pull out a sword XuanTianDao statue of the dream gave a wink two people attack at the same time.
Insidious smile, a double-headed silver wolf, dodged a blow by flying in the clouds.
The water dragon didn’t hesitate, and he chose to avoid the heavy weight and obviously didn’t really want to fight hard.
At this time, the venerable master looked at the deep pit not far away and asked, "Can you determine the result?"
Long Tengyun said, "I can’t for the time being, but even if he doesn’t die, it’s no better. Now you go to help-"
Long Tengyun suddenly turned his head to see Nanhai Zhenjun, Wild Silkworm Shenjun, Honghua Guisou and Hanjiangsou shooting at Yunyang’s deep pit at the same time.
"It’s not so easy to find a bargain". Long Tengyun flashed, and the Tianqiao glass sword in his hand turned a revolution and thousands of swords and awns staggered into a net, and the blink of an eye enveloped four people’s heads.
Sudden change nearly four people roared out who never thought Long Tengyun meant so much to Liu Yunyang.
In the face of the proud moon sword, the ingenious glass sword attacked the South China Sea, and the wild silkworm god repaired amazingly, and each of them fought back and quickly quit, and finally retired.
The red flower ghost barbary is a little slow, and both of them are hit by the sword mans, bloodied and screaming, and return.
Stopped a few feet away, Zhen Jun of Nanhai glared at Long Tengyun in a bad tone and said, "You’d better be familiar with the fact that the surname of Long Aoyue Villa is gone today."
Long Tengyun said coldly, "There is no need for outsiders to worry about Zhuang’s affairs. If you want to fall into a trap, just try it, or you will step aside and get unlucky."
Nanhai Zhenjun angered, "Arrogance, do you think I am afraid of you?"
Long Tengyun said darkly, "Are you afraid that you have a bottom in your heart? You don’t have to argue. If you think you can get a cheap sword, you might as well try it before." Looking around, Long Tengyun’s murderous eyes are chilling.
At this moment, he has a big change and he has a place to vent. Who dares to be boring?
The evil sect Long Tengyun turned around and said to the venerable Dragon Peak Sage, "Laugh at the swallow of the sea quickly and end this matter as soon as possible."
The venerable Buddha of Longfeng was forced by the two men in the battle.
Yan Nantian Meng Feiyan’s face immediately changed when he saw this. He couldn’t help walking towards the field. After all, mother and daughter are United as one when Yan Fei’s parents are in danger. How can they rest assured?
The heart XuanFeng long see this pair to persuade two people.
"Teacher younger brother, don’t be reckless. They don’t dare to be presumptuous yet."
"School sister, you are not rivals, but this hatred is getting deeper and deeper."
Yan Nantian Meng Feiyan shook his head with a wry smile and knew that the Xuanfeng Taoist priest had a point, but he couldn’t do it. quiet inside insisted on intervening in the matter.
After all, it depends on God’s will to see that the Xuanfeng Taoist priest persuaded him not to intercept him too much.
Tieshan let go of everything and stood up and said to others, "Miss Yan, we have paid too much. Now she is in danger. We can’t ignore you. Stay here and I’ll make a contribution."
Lotus nut’s face was full of bitterness and sorrow, and she said, "Brother, please let me go."
Tieshan said seriously, "I’m a big brother and I should go." Then he strode out and his rough face was filled with courage to die.
At that moment, everyone nearby looked at Tieshan with respect, but he turned his back on the debt of gratitude, so that he could be a real chivalrous man
Yuan Hongyu was a little sad and sighed lightly. "The integrity and ugliness of this World War I made people feel deeply."
Smiling and frowning slightly, the eyes stayed at the deep pit and the tone affirmed, "Yunyang is not dead yet!"
Just six words seem to have some meaning, which makes people nearby feel refreshed.
At this time, Feng Long has approached to laugh at the sea and the holy one has also come near Yanfei’s son
Seeing that the war situation will change, suddenly the earth shakes and a familiar smell pervades Qiyun Peak.
At that moment, some people exclaimed, some were happy, some were angry, some were surprised, and everything happened at the same time, so it was difficult to elaborate.
Feng Long suddenly stopped and looked back at Long Tengyun’s face with surprise.
The holy one flashed and sank, "He’s not dead yet."
Long Tengyun said coldly, "If you die, you have to die, and no one wants him to leave alive." Holding up Excalibur with your right hand, you can see that the colorful sword mans are soaring in the wind, and a thousand feet of light is shocking to the spectators.
Yan Nantian Meng Fei smoke in the field sensed Yunyang’s breath and my heart was slightly pleased. Then I saw the retreat of the holy one of Longfeng and immediately stopped to watch.
Tieshan went to the two men and saw Long Tengyun waiting for Yunyang to appear. He immediately denounced and shouted, "Yunyang, don’t come out!" Speak and fly to Long Tengyun, trying to divert his attention.
Yan Nantian face a flicker will Tieshan stop drink a way "don’t die in vain".
Tieshan urgent way "Yunyang danger I can’t watch him when"
Yan Nantian said, "Calm down, Yunyangxiu. How can he not feel the danger outside?" When he spoke, the figure went quickly with Tieshan back to Lianxin and others.
At this moment, except for the four groups of people who are fighting and laughing at the sea, Swallow’s son, Dreaming, and Xuantiandao Zun, everyone else is looking at Longteng Yunshen and waiting for the next change.
What’s the situation of Yunyang? Will he break out and escape the attack of Long Tengyun?
At this moment, Laughing at the sea can’t get out, and Yan Nantian and his wife can’t beat Long Tengyun. What will happen once Yunyang rushes out to face Long Tengyun again?