That moment was like a pot of cold water splashed on the head, and the heart went out as soon as it was poured.

So … Am I being wishful thinking?
I am a giant velvet and she is a velvet …
"Sister!" Yao Wan jumped up from his shoulder and jumped in front of Yao Qin, holding his hand and saying, "Elder sister (Mi Gu) is sending me back."
"(Migu) Big Brother is very kind. He not only helped me teach the bad guys who bullied me, but also gave me so many nuts. Try it. It’s delicious!"
With that, the furry claws pulled out nuts from the bag and handed them to Qin Qin.
Yao Qin looked at (Migu) and his vigilance gradually faded. He smiled shyly and gratefully at (Migu). "This … like this? I’m sorry, but I also thank you (Migu), eldest brother … "
At that moment, the sun shone from behind Qin Qin.
A white halo was cast on her face.
Her clear eyes, her fine hair, her wide mouth and her round ears just came into her eyes.
This instantaneous flow seems to have slowed down. She raised her hand and put it together, and there was a yellow flower pinned to the hair beside her ear.
"Oh, my God …" (Migu) felt that his heart was beating fast.
How can there be such a beautiful girl in this world?
This must be the most beautiful woman in the world!
The whole person has melted away.
Chapter 1223 Manor Female Day Group
In the middle of the North Island Rongren Orchard, my father was looking at the door of the tree house with a feather duster, and his furry face was flushed with righteousness.
"hey! ! You monkey boy! Get out of here! !”
"Who saw Ming wat? Huh? Where the hell is this monkey boy? "
"Get out for me! Or I won’t kill you! "
"The teacher is calling! You monkey boy, how many times have you skipped class this week? You say! "
"If you play truant and play games all day, believe it or not, my dad’s orchard wifi is broken! I see how you play! "
But no matter how he shouted, no one came out.
Of course he won’t come out, because today he is not hiding in some corner of the orchard and secretly playing games. He has gone to the cruel ship to steal nuts.
Baa cried and shouted, suddenly an old velvet man came out next to him. "Baa, don’t be overbearing there! The teacher called and said that you came last in the bottom-up exam again, so you should study hard for me! There is also a face management! "
I was told that my face was red. "Dad, you also said that I am the last one in your class …"
A father and a son are exposing each other, and the onlookers are shaking their heads.
There is really no one in this family.
The two men exposed each other’s faults and blushed. They were told by their own son that they were so angry that they jumped and hit "How dare you say old?" If your wings grow hard, see if I kill you! "
When I was beaten around and squeaked, I suddenly saw my head coming out from a distance.
"Hey, you monkey boy, get over here!" He rushed out, "I won’t kill you!" "
"Don’t run! I haven’t finished yet! " I was so angry that I chased after him, but after all, he was too old to catch up with him in the prime of life. Before he could catch up, he saw that I jumped back at a faster speed than before
The child nodded repeatedly. Although he was a little stupid, he was still a little filial. He knew that he was too old to chase after him and was beaten in front of him.
Where is it to come back and find a fight? He jumped back in horror when he saw it.