At this time, I didn’t see the dark-skinned young man opposite the interesting primary school student, so I became the key observation object of An Shi Tong.

-young, according to the name of the passenger registration book and the order of the ship, he should be called Buping.
Judging from the fact that when Bu Pingji talked with the elderly man next to him, they blew each other modest words. One of them was a high school detective and the other was a retired police officer.
Knowing the police so well, osaka accent and surname …
An Shi-tou gradually reminds me of a person-the police minister of Osaka Prefecture seems to be called Bu Pingzang.
Judging from his name and age … Is this his son?
Bu Pingji forced himself to look at the opposite side of the line of sight and continue to observe.
Tooyama Kazuha next to him can’t stand watching the department and eating almost the same time. He wants to find an excuse to take people away. "It’s too cold here. Let’s hurry back to the room after eating."
In her words, the waiter next to her was very sorry and explained the reason for the coldness. By the way, she became a qualified story interpreter. "There are only eleven passengers in this trip with limited places and two passengers resting in the room."
“!” Tooyama Kazuha zheng.
When wandering around, she met all the boatmen, and now she feels that she has seen everyone in the restaurant.
Therefore, when I hear "passengers resting in the room", I always feel that one of them refers to how a bear child who was secretly brought in by the Ministry can stay in the room honestly. It must have been found.
….. fine is good will not be driven?
Tooyama Kazuha was guilty and short of breath and asked, "You said the passenger who was resting in the room …"
"It should be an old man," said Hideo Whai with a red wine glass. "I almost bumped into him when I came out from washing my hands. I felt very reticent. Was he also a passenger this time?"
Yes, the waiter deserves to be the waiter in this world. He didn’t care about the privacy of passengers. He heard someone ask about the registration form. "It’s an ocean researcher named Ye Caisan."
The name "Ye Caisan" changed the expression of several people in the hall.
Officer Morizaki was the first to jump up and grab the waiter. "Where is his room! ?”
Today is the last day of the prosecution period.
For twenty years, he has been tracking down Ye Caisan and his gang, but he has never been able to find them.
I didn’t expect to take a chance after seeing the name of "Furukawa University" recently and actually found the target.
Bupingji was also impressed by this name. He explained to Tooyama Kazuha, who was confused about it, that he got up in a hurry and rushed to Room 1 as the waiter said.
When Baishi heard the movement, he switched to cat form.
It hid in the corner with headphones on its neck and watched a group of people rumble by.
When everyone left, Baishi ran to the other side and quickly went to the computer room.
The concealment of black cats entering this dark place is greatly enhanced.
It found a place to set up a miniature camera.
In a short time, Akiji Kameda went down the stairs to the computer room to find his companion-he was called by a note with the name "Furukawa University"
Today, Akiji Kameda can get three things into the safe, take out 400 million yuan and walk to the peak of his life. However, things are different from what he wants.
My companion did come, but he didn’t come to give him his signature and key, but gave him a bullet in his backhand.
After killing the man, the whale well hided the gun and sent out a villain’s standard. insidious smile took the body away and put it in the emergency escape ladder box at the stern
Baishi followed him all the way and looked at his cigarettes, gasoline, firecrackers and so on.
There is another accomplice, Hideo Whai, who is also in this boat for a long time.
His plan is to box and burn Kameyama’s body, pretending to be the body of Xie Jiangjiu, and then deliberately leave a flaw for the detective to find out that it is Kameyama instead of Xie Jiangjiu.
In this way, the suspicion of crabs will soar for a long time.
In this process, you need to stun the crab Jiang Jiu and tie him outside the boat to make sure that others can’t find him.
When it is necessary, put Jiang Jiula’s boat in front of the dining room window and shoot him in the temple to kill him.
In this position, Hideo Whale will shoot through his arm and the French window of the restaurant behind him.
In this way, after returning to the restaurant, the cigarette and firecracker combination device set behind the crab Jiang Jiu will make the "gun" sound outside regularly, and he will pretend that he was shot by the crab Jiang Jiu hiding outside the restaurant and become a victim.
When others catch up with the restaurant, they will find that Xie Jiang’s suicide ended in perfection for a long time.
….. Anyway, it is very tossing.
But if there is a video, there is no need for him to set up a few more dolls.
Technology is really lazy … Cough the ladder of progress.
Baishi patted his neck, and the miniature camera was more gratifying.
Chapter 321 vest named brick house
After Baishi finished filming, he went back to the cabin and touched his hand. Two cameras outside connected him to capture the material and edit it together.
Even if it can’t be effective material evidence because of candid photos or other reasons, it can make the police focus on the whale well and less disturb the passers-by
And if you are idle, you can also play Conan Baishi with a bug, but you are already tired of playing. If you don’t have any pastime, you can really talk.
It passed quickly, and the statute of limitations had expired.
Shiraishi glanced at his watch and looked for "Ye Caisan". The retired police officer should have given up and returned to the restaurant. "Ye Caisan" is a dummy disguised by Akio Whai. He can’t find it.