"When the time is right, do you want it?"

"All right!" Hsuan Yang nods
"There’s one little thing."
"say it!"
"When we were doing business in Jiao Ren, we also found the Bello giant threatening the short-term source medicine."
Zhou Jia’s eyes shrank and the branches broke.
"It’s too deceiving!"
"I can’t bear it!"
Chapter 1 Find
In the early morning
A ray of halo circulates in the dense forest until the halo gathers one old man and one young man, and two West Asians in the Mu world appear on the spot.
West Asians, regardless of gender, age, are mostly tall.
These two people are no exception.
The old man was wearing a gray cloak and holding a dead stick. His blue eyes were shining and he looked at the top of a big tree.
"He has been here."
"divine messenger"
Female, about two years old, tall, graceful, high nose and big eyes, full of exotic flavor, smell speech with a bit hoarse way
"Didn’t you say that once you are contaminated with the breath of God, you will never be able to get rid of it? The man killed the goddess but couldn’t find it."
"Can’t get rid of it, but it can be covered up," explained the old man as he hung his head and walked in the direction of Shicheng along the perceived breath.
"The curse of the goddess is still saying that the man can’t get rid of it, but he has hidden it in some way."
"Fortunately, he is always negligent."
"Yes" female ChuiShou
"Everything will die, everything will die, but my Lord will last forever!"
"Let’s go." The figure of the old man’s wooden staff passed several feet forward.
"Find the idol and you will be a goddess."
The woman looked up and looked complicated, with surprises and a little uneasy, but then she was completely crushed by her enthusiasm for God.
Goddess is not someone who wants to be able to have special physical requirements.
get the nod
Means glory
But at the same time, the chosen person will gradually assimilate the parasitic consciousness of the servants around God and become the spokesman of God in this world.
In order to prevent this process from going smoothly, every goddess will have an angel around her.
The goddess is inferior to the angel.
When the idea of the goddess’ true integration of god and servant can reach the sky, the status of the goddess will be higher than that of the god-made leader
Following the residual breath, two people walked into Shicheng.
"God makes an adult"