"Evil thief!"

"Well …" The monk looked the same and waved his hand lightly.
One side, the black dress person suddenly stamped his foot on the male leg bone, and the great strength directly distorted the male left leg.
Scream, squeal and pain
The man rolled on the ground with his broken leg and screamed in his mouth.
"such as?"
Monks speak again
The woman’s face was pale and her tears rained down.
"Fu Mei, leave me alone and let me die!" The man rolled on the ground in pain, and his mouth growled repeatedly.
"Click …"
Black dress person is another man with a broken leg. He was almost tortured and fainted on the spot.
"I promise!"
"I promise!"
The girls from the main hall are sad and sad.
"Good, good!"
A monk with his hands folded like a mountain of meat laughs lightly.
"The patroness really cares for me."
"Someone will send them back to the Buddha Palace. Someone will always take care of me after the baby is born. I think this male donor will be happy."
Take to a man and a woman first black dress person ChuiShou way
"The man is still in town and hasn’t come out. I doubt that Colin and Ghost House intend to protect him. What should they do?"
Capturing men and women in the past is just adding materials to the Buddhist temple, which is also done in ordinary times. Now they have business to deal with.
"hinder" monks’ eyes droop
"Silver shall not be killed. This is a rule made by the six clans of Hongzeyu Military Department. They obviously think I dare not force it."
"Hey …"
He smiled coldly.
"There is never a fixed rule, and the man can’t stay in town all the time. He always comes out."
Men in black look up
"Then what shall we do?"
The monk picked up a piece of fat and stuffed it into his mouth.
"Wait for the Seven Temples to come over"
"Just a craftsman is not worth the temple do it yourself, wizard …"
He hummed a meaning no.
Men in black hang their heads.
"Sit down!"
Colin stretched out his hand and motioned for the halo of the console table to surge, and many spiritual fruits and Joan wines showed rich aroma one by one.
Zhou Jia, a fragment of Jicheng, has also seen several silvers.
But we have never treated each other face to face as equals as we do now.
In front of this strange mage from Mu world, he looks handsome, blond and blue-eyed, and his facial features are as sharp as a knife and full of three-dimensional sense.
But the smell is almost the same. Colin looks good, but he is a little unkempt. His blond hair is messy and his beard is not trimmed.
Fortunately, silver creatures do not produce dirt and physical defects, and even if they do not bathe for several years, they will not stink.
"A few days ago, I received a message from Heidi that a new silver did not expect to meet so soon."