But there are less than 30,000 people at this time.

There is almost no heavy firepower.
It is impossible to break such a fortress base.
More importantly, his adoptive father has gone deep into Wolff at the moment and doesn’t know what the situation is like.
"Is there any news from Silick’s adoptive father?"
Graz Jr. ask his most trusted advisor.
"There is no news from Ma Puer Pavilion!"
"But please rest assured!"
"The strength of Ma Puer Pavilion is not worried!"
The old consultant said with a smile
This is not comfort.
But words from the heart.
The old consultant didn’t think Goethe would have an accident.
Small Graz also nodded his head.
"I know that there is no accurate information and I always feel …"
"Come in!"
A signalman ran in and handed a translated newspaper to Graz Jr.
After seeing the text, little Graz immediately raised his hand with a frown and handed the newspaper to West Rick.
"The messenger of Beta Kingdom wants to see you?"
West Rick followed frowned.
The old consultant has guessed what the beta kingdom is, but it is because of this that he will frown-the other party is either the land.
It used to be Ryan land.
Now it’s Wolf Land.
It is …
A little too much to wait for, right?
The Wolf royal family should still have the power to fight back!
"Do I see or not?"
Little Graz guessed it, but he still asked himself what the consultant meant.
He believes in Sillick’s experience
See you, but don’t promise anything.
"I always feel that something is fishy."
West Rick said truthfully.