"No problem, this connection may take several days. The boss should be on Mars by now," said Xia Milla.

Xia Milla said that the boss is actually the mythical Lord.
"Then let’s do it, but I hope you don’t leave Lingwei II until there is a result," Xu said, looking at Lao Xia.
"No problem, Lao Xia promised to be very happy."
Chapter seven hundred and forty-one Small mind
There are two roads before Xu tui.
One is to purify a few spirit silver boxes again when grasping, and refill the Excalibur during these days.
If you want to punish Excalibur, you can retreat and behead Wan Tong, another star of this mythical team. Then the first world war will be stable.
Then kill the others.
In the anti-thief’s old summer, it’s over if the former friendship is captured. Give him a chance.
Anyway, Xu doesn’t owe him back. Old Xia really owes Xu a half-life.
The second way is myth or something.
These two roads have been considered for a long time.
The first way seems to be the easiest way to kill the myth. After this team looks at the secret of the brainwave star, it can keep the Tongtian famine group and continue its wretched development.
However, it may be due to many reasons. Although Lao Xia did not allow much exchange, he still revealed a lot of news in his private communication.
This makes Xu tui judge a key information point.
Notos led this mythical team not to find Lingweiyi while wandering in Tai Zhong, but to jump straight at Lingweiyi from the beginning.
They know the names of Ling Wei Yi and Ling Ji Xing very well.
This can judge a key information point-the myth may be collusion between the mechs!
It may be a little harsh to say collusion.
Myth, a non-profit organization, may have something in common.
And the myth that this team came to a brainwave star should be a mechanical Eldar and invited foreign reinforcements.
Come to this judgment, and it is clear which way to choose.
If we delay, we will destroy this mythical team, so we can’t go this way.
Even if the myth team destroyed the myth, they also knew the star of a brainwave.
And if you do that, the myth will be completely broken and you may become a sworn enemy!
To tell the truth, although Xu retired before, he joined the myth for various reasons, but he didn’t have any sense of belonging to it.
Before the dawn of redemption, today the myth team suddenly made Xu tui realize one thing.
With the blue star human stepping into the asteroid belt, the blue star human tentacles have spread in the asteroid belt like a virus, and the dawn, redemption and myth are at the forefront of exploration.
It’s dawn, redemption is endless, Xu tui doesn’t want myth to be endless!
And myth has now become one of the official organizations recognized by Blue Star.
It is impossible to hide the idea of a brainwave star.
The brainwave star will be exposed to the public in the future.
The myth is all known, and others know that it is not far away.
So what Xu has to do now is to improve his strength.
Strength is the ultimate confidence!
If Xu tui doesn’t kill Notos with a sword today, then today will be another ending. Xu tui may not even be qualified for myth negotiation and can run away.
After the myth team’s human department was transferred to Lingwei II, Lingwei made a retreat and didn’t stay behind. It was handed over to Huang for monitoring, and then he returned to the main base of Lingyi Star No.1 with large troops.
When the warship formation fell into the No.1 main base, it was found that it was coming quickly after living in the distant hill spirit.