Then Ling Qing took four older brothers and accompanied the seven immortals to jiepai.

After exploring the terrain, stop the army of Xiqi Lingqing from staying hundreds of miles away from the Central Avenue in a barren hill and neutral sword array.
When the four brothers stand apart and take charge of four doors
The central divination platform is guarded by the seven immortals, such as Lingqing Wuyun Fairy and spiritual Taoist.
In an instant, a piece of red mist will cover all of them with a large array.
Constantly collecting and killing hijackers
Chapter one thousand two hundred and twenty-one Finish the doom early
Jiang Ya is also the younger brother of Yuxu Palace. After bidding farewell to King Wu, Huanglong Zhenren left Si Shui with all his younger brothers.
After all, they have to go through the fairy disaster before they can practice with peace of mind after cutting down Shang Zhou.
Although this array may not get them, they have to
Forty miles after the trip, I saw hanging flowers, colorful flowers and brocade, and a master had been waiting for Lu Peng.
Huanglong real people met with Jiang Ya. When Lu Peng sat down for a few hours, he saw Guang Cheng and Chi Jing follow him around.
The next day, there were henpecked grandchildren, Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun, Pu Xian Zhenren, Ci Shuidao Ren and Yuding Zhenren.
Later, Taiyi Zhenren, Qingxu Zhenjun, Daoxing Tianzun and Lingbao exorcist all came one after another.
Teeth greet all Lu Peng one by one, sitting in such a jade deficiency that all twelve immortals come together.
When I was young, it was Road flyover Lu Ya who came to kowtow.
Lu Ya said, "Now, the meeting of Zhu Xian array is another meeting of Wan Xian array, and our fate is full, so we can go back to the mountains and try to improve the right path."
People from all walks of life have praised "that’s what brothers say."
All the immortals could not sit still for a moment, but they could hear the ring. All the immortals knew that the Taoist priest was coming.
Get up and step down to greet Peng and salute him.
The Taoist priest asked, "Have you ever seen Zhu Xian array in front of you?"
The Taoist priests said to each other, "There is nothing ahead."
The burning lamp pointed forward and said, "That school of red gas covers it."
All the Taoist priests stood up and looked intently and saw a mass of red gas floating on the mountain.
Ling Qing, a known expositor, came to shock the red gas with a palm of his hand.