Goethe didn’t object at that time, and he won’t ask now.

Even if young people are very nervous
There are some things that others can’t help, but they have to face themselves.
Goethe closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair. He looked around with the help of’ Raven Spirit’ vision.
Almost instantly Goethe discovered many peepers hiding in the dark.
And these armed peepers are rapidly gathering towards his carriage.
Obviously, these peepers are another temptation.
Deventer didn’t appear in public after World War I, and he aroused some people’s minds.
And this is what Goethe wanted to see.
He needs a further name!
He needs to be more self-deterrent!
Malicious peepers quickly stopped the target carriage, and they clenched their guns in their hands. Just as they were about to shoot, a group of crows suddenly pounced.
Peepers screamed.
Their eyes and flesh were pecked by crows.
It was almost two minutes before the crow flew up, leaving several mutilated bones, most of which were pecked by crows.
Rick froze while driving, and Goethe’s calm voice sounded faintly at this time.
"move on"
"Shi Ge"
Rickma steered the carriage to move on.
There was no detour, and there was no pause, so it went straight over those broken bones.
Creaking and crunching, the carriage slowly drove into the core area of Hastings with two clear traces of blood.
Afternoon sunshine is more scarlet than dazzling.
The darkness in the hovering is even deeper.
Ga, ga!
One harsh crow crow after another seem to tell everyone-
Unknown disaster
Chapter 14 What do you think of Ma Puer Pavilion?
The carriage crushed the stone road, and the scarlet of the wheel was dim, but the scarlet of the wheel edge became more vivid. The soldiers guarding the castle gate watched the black carriage slowly approaching with vigilance and timidity.
Ga, ga
Every time the crow chirps, the soldiers’ hearts can’t help but skip a beat.
Without hindrance.
Especially when Rick flashed the invitation letter from Grand Duke Graz, all the soldiers were relieved and quickly put the suspension bridge to let the carriage pass.
"This is the guard in the core area of Hastings?"
"When I was a child, I heard more than once that the guards guarding the core area needed a sliding shovel to kill tigers."
Andinan is somewhat incredible.
As a native of Hastings, Andy Nan has heard a lot about the core area since childhood.
Such as Ryan, the royal family, the rich king, the kindness and the strict guard, are all familiar.
Especially the news that the guards are the best of the best.
Young people are convinced.
Can it be now?
be greatly disappointed
"Maybe at first, the Ryan royal family had such guards, but as time went by, how many of their grandchildren who inherited the noble title could reach the honor of their ancestors after the first batch of founding guards got old?"
"People are all lazy and hate work."
"You and I are the same."