No, it’s not scientific!

….. Why are there so many cars?
What a 2-ton freighter!
Brolin wanted to scold at this time.
Eat your mother and yell!
Chapter 944 Bear is so cute and wants to eat!
The sound of the fruit house in the East City Agricultural Garden is ringing incessantly.
"Well," several decoration workers put together the Yinhe maple boards and repaired the last piece of soaked wall. They nodded with satisfaction. "Are you satisfied with the Agricultural General Manager?"
"Satisfied!" Farmers and new eyebrow eye smile to see this has expanded several times, just like a huge facade of a supermarket.
Even the "farm orchard" is several times larger than before.
Yes, like most Party A in the state, there is no difference between agriculture and new aesthetics. The only point is to print bigger! Bigger! Bigger!
How can small words show our style?
There is a long queue at the entrance of the fruit house next to the farm garden until the corner at the end of the road.
They eagerly looked at the long queue in front of them and looked anxiously into the store.
There is less and less fruit in the shop.
What if all the fruit is bought before it’s your turn?
Is the fruit in the orchard expensive?
Expensive to death!
Now the price has tripled on the original basis.
Thousands of dollars a fruit is absolutely not a problem.
But I can’t do it without buying it.
There are really too few relief materials in Fusang Prefecture.
Since the third day of the rainstorm, everyone has a liter of water and four rice balls every day.
The number of rice balls has been reduced to two two days ago.
There can be more food quotas for disaster relief and rescue workers.
How can two rice balls be enough for adults a day?
Can barely keep hungry.
When people are hungry, their hearts will stick to their hearts, and they will be blessed. How can people care about the nobility at this time?
Of course, I want to buy buy buy
But the problem is that money can’t buy it now. All grain is controlled by the government, and the price of grain traded privately on the black market has reached sky-high prices.
At this time, it is their best hope to be able to work normally in the orchard fruit house.
In order to limit some people’s snapping up, hoarding, and low-priced agricultural garden trade, the purchase restriction policy has also been made, but even so, the shelves are full of fruits, and the speed of visible to the naked eye is less.
In particular, some relatively cheap and hunger-resistant fruits, such as bananas, make people’s hearts shrink every time they lose one.
How long has it been since Fusang Prefecture felt this kind of anxiety and anxiety?
But no matter how eager you are, the fruit is gradually bottoming out.
Finally, a worker came out and announced that "all the fruits have been sold out!"
"What should I do? I have children at home …"
"My husband is so hungry that he can hardly walk …"
"My grandson is ill and he needs to eat …"