"Let go. You want to kill me. I just give up."

Luo Qingxue Zhou Yishen shouted, "How come you don’t feel pity for me at all? You are willing to ravage such a beautiful woman!"
"It’s good to throw in the towel and lose to me. You’re not humiliated. I’ve always been very gentle with beauty and want you to throw in the towel. I naturally won’t destroy flowers again. Chapter 84 Playing with fire will set myself on fire.
Chapter 84 will play with fire
Zhouyi laughed and then his hand slowly shifted from Luo Qingxue’s waist.
"Zhouyi, what are you doing?"
Luo Qingxue frightened and screamed.
"What’s your figure? Didn’t you say that you are in better shape than Mu Hongdou? I’ll check it now. "
Said the Zhouyi will Luo Qingxue in her arms.
"You rascal"
Luo Qingxue shouted, but he couldn’t take Zhouyi. Luo Qingxue bit Zhouyi’s shoulder in one bite.
The bite of Luo Qing Snow was fierce, and Zhouyi was unguarded by Luo Qingxue’s "mouth". Zhouyi ate pain and relaxed the control of Luo Qingxue a little. Luo Qingxue got up and ran away.
"You remember that you molested me today, and I want to be hello." Luo Qingxue gnashed her teeth after fleeing dozens of meters away, saying that she couldn’t wait to eat Zhouyi alive.
"You want to murder your husband. You lost to me, and now you are mine." Zhou Yi said with a smile that his shoulder wound was not serious.
Luo Qing Xue Qi stamped his feet, "I’ll let you get even with you in the future for a while." Say that finish, Luo Qingxue was afraid that Zhouyi would follow him and hurriedly walked away, but Zhouyi didn’t chase her and disappeared into his sight.
"What a lovely and tough girl! I won’t let go of this kind of girl naturally." I thought to myself that his face was filled with this smile, and it seemed that he still recalled the scene of molesting Luo Qingxue just now.
Luo Qing Xuejia is located in Liuzhuang Villa by the West Lake, but her luck seems to be particularly bad today because she was touched by Mu Hongdou as soon as she fled home awkwardly.
"Luo Qing Snow, you won’t be in a hurry."
Mu Hongdou shouted as soon as he arrived at Luo Qingxue. "You have clothes and grass clippings. You won’t go out early in the morning to date any man, will you? It’s autumn now, but it’s incredible that we men and women are also in love. "
"What are you talking about?"
Luo Qingxue remembered that she was touched by Zhouyi, and her face was slightly red. "I went to the park to practice martial arts. How can you care?"
"You kungfu I can’t tube is what you blush with shame? You must have done something shameful. "
Mu Hongdou has always been bullied by Luo Qingxue. Now she finally found an opportunity and naturally refused to let it go, so she continued to ask Luo Qingxue.
"Don’t talk nonsense about what you are doing," said Luo Qing Xuedao. "I met Zhou Yi in the park and had a discussion with him."
"Did you meet Zhouyi?"
Mu Hongdou muttered something, and then she said to Luo Qing in a snowy way, "I know you must have lost to Zhouyi. You can tell by your appearance."
Luo Qingxue bowed his head and stopped talking.
"Why don’t you talk? You must have lost! "
Mu Hongdou cried excitedly, "You are very powerful. Do you know that you are stronger and stronger? I am willing to lose the bet. Since you lose, you can’t practice martial arts at home! "
"You don’t need to wake up!"
Luo Qingxue said, turn around and go silently.
"MuHongDou you don’t proud too early, don’t you like Zhouyi? Then I’ll take Zhouyi away, and I’ll piss you off. "Luo Qingxue is certainly not such an easy person to throw in the towel. When she turned around, her heart had a plan.
Zhouyi continued to practice on Saturday and Sunday. Although Luo Qingxue, the biggest opponent of the sports meeting, was easily defeated, he still didn’t relax. Master Zhou Shan predicted that Zhouyi would definitely be the overlord of the underworld in the future. His future enemy is not a girl like Luo Qingxue, but a master of the society.
After the attack on him by German shepherd and others, Zhouyi realized more deeply that sometimes the value of personal force is more important than that of others. Recently, his enthusiasm for practicing martial arts has soared, and Zhou Chi, a great master, accompanied him to practice his kung fu, which progressed very fast, otherwise he would not have defeated Luo Qingxue, a tough kung fu girl, so easily. After all, Luo Qingxue is a retired special forces brother and has certain strength.
On Monday, a class of Mu Hongdou came to Zhouyi again, and they came to the shade of the school playground again.
"Zhouyi, you are really amazing. You easily defeated the mighty Luo Qingxue."
Mu Hongdou is still very excited. She said happily with a happy expression on her face, "I was so happy when I went to Luo Qing Snow that day."
"Why did you call me here? Tell me you’re happy, right?" It seems that it is a trivial thing for Zhouyi to defeat Luo Qingxue.
"Of course not. You don’t want me to be married, but I also learned that I am going to thank you very much. I will invite you out to play as soon as school is over today."
Mu Hongdou said that she was still excited, and her heart was more charming and charming when it was delicate and flowery.
Mu Hongdou and Luo Qingxue are enchanting and charming, and an overbearing and unruly Zhouyi doesn’t hate them, but he is more willing to pick up Luo Qingxue psychologically, because Luo Qingxue’s beauty is better than Mu Hongdou, but not as charming and enchanting as Mu Hongdou.
There’s a reason why Zhouyi is reluctant to befriend this girl who looks like a femme fatale. His father Zhou Fugui offended a fierce man who shouldn’t have offended him because of a woman with peach eyes. Zhou Fugui was brought up in Northeast China, and Zhouyi said that women can be touched, but it’s best not to hook up with a coquettish girl with peach eyes, because this kind of woman is born to find trouble for you and make you restless.
"Why don’t we go out and play sports together?" Zhouyi laughed. "I want to change my mind a little now. I beat Luo Qingxue and made you proud, so you’d better be committed."