Peixi’s words turned several people in the hall upside down.

This woman wanted to marry Xiao Huang herself, but she also wore such a big top hat for herself. She sacrificed herself for the Pei family.
It’s really great. Unfortunately, no one in this hall is stupid.
Feng’s face was dark from the night, but he didn’t expect to rob someone to get home. He really wanted to slap this person out or kill this woman directly with a poison.
However, Feng Li-ye also knows that it is not proper to do this, because Hou Wan-er wants to live in Xi Chu. He always does this to discredit her, so let Wan-er handle this matter.
Sue wan slowly got up from one side of the chair and looked down at Peixi tenderly and asked.
"Pei Xi, let me ask you something. Even if I don’t marry Xiao Shi, will Xiao Shi marry you?"
A word made Peixi’s lips tremble and his face could not be said to be ugly.
Su Wan went on to say, "Don’t you know that Xiao Shi went to the palace to refuse marriage? If he is willing to marry you, will he go to the palace to refuse marriage?"
Pei Xi’s face turned whiter this time, and even his body went soft. He moved his lips and said, "But this is the marriage given by the emperor. Can Xiao Shi resist disobeying the decree?"
Su Wan chuckled and couldn’t say how clever she was. She leaned over slightly and said gently, "Do you think Xiao Shi will resist disobedience?"
Peixi Zheng directly collapsed to the ground and shook his head desperately. "No, if he disobeys orders, the emperor will not let go of Jing Wangfu. If he likes you again, he can’t ignore Jing Wangfu."
Pei Xi seems to have found strength. That’s right. Xiao Huang will be forced to marry her if she wants to quit before her eyes. Yes, she will marry him.
She wants to marry him.
Pei Xi wanted to look up and said firmly, "If Princess Zhaohua wants to give up this marriage, Xiao Shi will definitely marry me, because if he refuses to obey the decree, everything will be in trouble."
Su Wan smiled lightly, but she couldn’t say anything beautiful.
"But why should I quit? Xiao Huang and two of a kind have a deep affection for each other. Why should I quit to become you and your Pei family? By the way, Pei Xi, you should be concerned about Lu Beichen. That talent is your lover, isn’t it?"
Su Wan sarcastically said that Pei Xi looks pale and stared at Su Wan with a pair of slowly red eyes, threatening that "Princess Zhaohua means not to quit"
"It’s not right for me, and you don’t have the nerve to be selfish with Pei’s family. Although he is annoyed by this matter, it may be difficult for your father, but he is not fatuous enough to directly copy your Pei’s family because of this matter."
Although the old emperor is cruel and ruthless, he is not a fatuous man. He must arrange a proper reason before killing people, and then he will kill people without complaining.
What happened to Xiao’s marriage and Pei Xi’s marriage, even if the emperor was angry, was also attacked by Pei’s adult, who made Pei’s adult lose his official position but didn’t let Pei’s family die with his door full. Pei Xi was just carrying on his own selfish thoughts with such a layer of things.
You can still end up with a deep sense of justice and a good name later, but don’t let everyone be stupid
As soon as Su Wan’s words fell, Pei Xi’s face was horribly white. Yes, she took a fancy to Xiao Huang. Before that, she never dared to miss Xiao Huang, but it happened that the emperor gave her an imperial edict to become the future King Wang Shifei. During that time, she was almost crazy about it all day, and her whole heart was Xiao Huang.
Thinking about his absolute beauty charm, thinking about Jing Wangfu’s noble family, thinking about Xiao Huang’s hand, thinking that he is about to become the most admired lady in the western place. Usually she goes out and suffers.
She went out and was sought after by everyone, which made her happier and determined Xiao Huang with all her heart.
At that time, she didn’t expect Xiao Huang to go back to Beijing with Su Wan again.
Because Su Wan had put hens in her sedan chair, but everyone in Shengjing thought that Su Wan was still a toffee and was sure to marry Tai.
Then Xiao Huang probably wants to marry Pei Xi when she gets to Jing Wangfu.
Everyone thinks so, and Pei Xi naturally thinks so more than Pei’s family has also made great efforts to prepare the wedding things.
Unexpectedly, Su Wan returned to Beijing in a blink of an eye, and the emperor even annulled her marriage with Taitai.
Then it is obvious that she wants to marry someone.
Peixi was stupid when she received the news, but her little daughter’s mind, which she had paid for, could not be recovered, so she had only come to see Su Wan before, just to make Su Wan’s army unable to marry Xiao Huang first, but then something happened to Lu Beichen.
Now she also wants to let Su Wan withdraw from this marriage and let her marry Xiao Huang through Pei Jia’s death, but I didn’t expect Su Wan to see through her intention at a glance.
Pei Xi couldn’t say how embarrassed she was, and at the same time, she couldn’t help it. She looked up at Su Wan and cried sharply, "So Princess Zhaohua doesn’t agree."
"But I don’t agree with Peixi. I’m here to tell you in vain that I, Su Wan, will marry Xiao Huang. Did you threaten me? What else do you want to disappoint Lu Beichen? He really loves you."