This is the real motto of the University of Tokyo. However, the University of Tokyo has never said anything about envy, jealousy and hatred. Although they do this, it is one thing to do it behind the scenes. It is another thing to say such things directly. Therefore, at this time, Matsushima’s speech is very excessive and there is no face for Yamajiro.

Of course, to be honest, Yamajiro didn’t leave any face for Matsushima this time. At this time, he deserved it if he ended up in such a difficult situation. At this time, the whole Jubaoge was a little strangely quiet
Anger is a little different, too quiet.
Kojiro Yamanaka should have jumped up and cursed, but he didn’t do it. These words insulted the Yamanaka family. Before that, it was a life-and-death battle. Either Matsushima was killed or Matsushima was killed, so that it could really wash away the shame Matsushima brought to the Yamanaka family. But now, of course, it is impossible to duel.
Both of them are billionaires. At this time, of course, the two of them will not be stupid enough to fight for life and death.
But at this time, Yamajiro doesn’t say anything at all, which is really weird. It’s like everyone thinks that an angry polar bear will want to tear up a huge seal, but this polar bear is surprisingly sitting in his own hole. I don’t know what it is. Will Yamajiro forget it?
Of course, that’s impossible. At this time, no matter what, it’s impossible to have such a thing happen. At this time, there are more things, that is to say, it’s even more mysterious for Yamajiro to be quiet.
It is impossible to insult Yamajiro, a mountain family, as if nothing had happened in a duel. Of course, it is impossible to happen, but it is even more incredible for Yamajiro not to say anything at this time.
Therefore, at this time, it’s really hard for Jiro Yamayama to take over the action. It’s just that he was a little indefensible, and according to his identity, Matsushima was indeed his senior at the University of Tokyo. That’s also a matter of course, but it’s insulting to the Yamayama family. Let’s just forget it?
Then of course, such a thing is impossible. Yama is not that kind of generous person, and it is unforgivable to insult his family. How can he forget it easily? Yamajiro knows that no matter what he says, it is impossible to get back this time.
Since Matsushima dares to do this, he has made up his mind to turn against himself. At this time, Yamajiro has no scruples. He never thought that such a thing would happen. If it weren’t for this guy’s aggressiveness, would Matsushima take the initiative to provoke him? That’s impossible. The mountain family is not so easy to offend.
Matsushima is hesitant to argue, but Yamajiro seems to feel that he has suffered and must have lost.
Therefore, at this time, he directly became arrogant. At this time, Matsushima was really angered. Of course, there was Wang Haidong in this matter, but at this time, no matter what happened, it was always because this guy Yamajiro put his identity too high, which led him to speak without scruple. Therefore, Matsushima was forced to turn against him at this time, even Matsushima showed off. But that was also something really wrong. Shaomatsushima admitted that he was quite occupied.
No matter what happens at this time, such a thing will happen. After all, this guy is too proud. If there is no problem at this time, there will be some problems elsewhere. Therefore, no matter how it is said, even if there is a problem in front of Matsushima, there will be problems elsewhere.
But the key point is, will Yamajiro admit that he is wrong? That’s impossible. At this time, he won’t admit what he did wrong again. This is the nature of billionaires. They always admit that they are right. They don’t think what they will do wrong.
Too much wealth makes them believe in their own judgment, even if they are really wrong, but they will not admit it. Therefore, no matter what the situation is, Yamajiro recognizes Matsushima. This guy has provoked himself, but at this time, he will not think about how to deal with Matsushima.
This is one of Shanjiro’s weaknesses. Of course, it is not necessarily a weakness when doing business. It is also very beneficial to doing business in many cases, but if it is about dealing with people, it is an unforgivable mistake in any case.
Just at this time, it was such a mistake that Shanjiro made in Jubaoge. He provoked others first, but at this time it was a bit like admitting that others would not give hair, which meant that the state officials set fire to forbid the people to light lamps.
Of course, at this time, if it means depending on the situation, then at this time, Yamajiro is much more profitable than the state official, and of course, it is bigger than the state official, not a little bit. Therefore, at this time, Yamajiro feels that Matsushima has no respect for the mountain family, and at this time, his heart is very unhappy.
This time is also a precursor to volcanic eruption. At this time, no matter what happens, Yamajiro will not take revenge, but will immediately take revenge for insulting his family. That is definitely not easy to finish.
But at this time, it is also not correct for Yamajiro to do things by himself, so how to solve things by himself in this situation is that he needs to think about one thing carefully.
How can he say when he needs it to save the current situation? No matter what it is, it is also very unpleasant. In this case, he thinks for himself how to answer it. If it is said, let it go.
That’s impossible. It’s just a flash. It’s impossible to say forget it like this. Therefore, it’s absolutely impossible to forget it like this. It’s impossible for the Shan family to stop looking for a game after being insulted for no reason.
But at this time, how to find a place to make others sympathize with it is also a matter of learning. What happened before Jubaoge was very clear? It was Yamajiro who said this kind of thing at this time, and he provoked Matsushima first.
Therefore, in the eyes of more people, Matsushima is the key person at this time, and he himself is really the victim. Therefore, if it is said that Yamajiro is careless at this time, it will be a bit difficult to say no matter what, which means that he has to learn to build his own momentum at this time.
If you have your own morale, then there is a hope of turning defeat into victory. But it is not easy to do this at this time. After all, it means that this situation is that you have to take care of Matsushima first, and Matsushima is also a senior. Therefore, no matter how Matsushima teaches him, there is nothing wrong.
Even if it’s a little disrespectful to the Yama family at this time, it’s not so good to be looked down upon by others at this time, but it’s not a big deal that Yamajiro does it himself.
This time is more, that is to say, his own enemy, Wang Haidong, is still waiting for an embarrassment. If it is said that Yamajiro himself can’t handle such a thing properly at this time, then Yamajiro will make Wang Haidong really embarrassed.
This is, after all, what Wang Haidong meant. He just wanted to sow discord. But in this way, Han Sihe and Shan believed that one thing, Wang Haidong succeeded in sowing discord from such a scheme and did it very well. Basically speaking, it was good enough for him to do it himself, so in this case, he was just watching a joke.
Does Yamajiro want Wang Haidong to be an embarrassment? That’s impossible. Wang Haidong is very willing, but Yamajiro is not willing to do so.
Therefore, at this time, the present situation is caused. The performance in Jubaoge is not so quiet. It is very quiet. See joke, people don’t say what they want to say, and Fukuda doesn’t have the courage. Matsushima, this guy, after speaking these words, feels very heart-warming.
Therefore, this time is also happy at leisure, and the most important thing to lose his temper at this time is Yamajiro, but in this case, he himself did not say anything about taking such a thing as one thing.
Yamajiro Wang Haidong has already lost his face once. Although it was Wang Haidong’s plan, it was unexpected, but the sharp light in Wang Haidong’s eyes at that time was also an important reason for Yamajiro to return the things to him. Therefore, this situation will make such a change.
This time, I still let Wang Haidong see the joke. Wang Haidong may be a dissension, but at this time, they are still really embarrassed. Isn’t that what Wang Haidong wants to see?
Therefore, at this time, Yamajiro doesn’t want to lose another meeting in front of Wang Haidong. He hopes that he can pay photogenic attention to going back instead of saying that Jubaoge has been fighting for two days. But at this time, things may not be as simple as some people think, and God knows what it is like.
Matsushima, this guy is as arrogant as a gun, and he doesn’t give himself a face. This is what makes Yamajiro very unhappy. At this time, Yamajiro didn’t think that he would be wrong.
Yamajiro seems to have someone else by mistake and can’t have himself. What he wants to do now is just to say how to stop Wang Haidong from watching jokes and let him watch jokes once. If it means to let him watch jokes twice, then this time is simply to let Yamajiro himself.
At this time, he didn’t even go back. Think about how this guy in Matsushima feels. What does this guy think about Matsushima at this time? What will he and himself think about these mountains? Jiro Gen just won’t be at ease.
He has a feeling of looking down on Matsushima from the inside of his bones.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-one Common interests
Wang Haidong is waiting to see the drama at this time, but it doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do at this time. Since Yamajiro doesn’t want to say anything, he is brewing how to clean up Matsushima. Therefore, at this time, Wang Haidong himself is picking up the words. He is the owner of Jubaoge. This is also to be a good host.
At this time, he didn’t even think about it and said, "There is nothing like this matter and people’s education, is there?" This antique thing is just luck and eyesight. You are lucky, that is, you are unlucky. If you have eyesight, you may not be able to find out. I saw a mother money of the Southern Song Dynasty in Panjiayuan that year, and I believe that the stall owner didn’t know much about the importance of this mother money at that time. It seems that he spread this thing among a pile of copper coins, which means that this thing has no value in the eyes of the stall owner.
But I can see that this thing is definitely a good thing. If you get it at the auction house, it will cost 30,000 to 500 yuan, but the stall owner’s price will be 500 yuan. As a result, my wallet was stolen when I touched it. You said it was irritating and not irritating. When I went back with the money, the mother money had already been bought by someone else, and all the piles of copper coins were bought, that is, two thousand dollars. You said it was irritating and not irritating, so at this time, it had nothing to do with what educated people were. It just depends on how lucky you were. "
The antique stall is really like this. Do you think there are any good things here?