"Third brother, how can you say that jade sister is already very sad that such a thing happened?" Gu Jinlan looked up at Gu Qian with a pair of unbearable grievances.

Although there is no evidence, he doesn’t believe that Gu Jinlan is really as good as her performance, or that Aunt Liu has calculated too well. Gu Qian’s heart is upset and her right hand is raised to "roll" with a wave of her hand.
I don’t know if Gu Qian deliberately slapped Gu Jinlan’s side face and was furious. Gu Qian’s strength was not small. Gu Jinlan’s white side immediately floated a slap mark.
When Mrs. Gu saw it, she immediately became annoyed. "What are you doing? That’s your own sister!"
"Sister? I’m afraid my grandmother didn’t forget that the only daughter of Gu Guogong’s house is Xi Er, my sister born to a mother linked by blood. What is Gu Jinlan? " Gu Qiankou is not outspoken.
"You, you …" Gu Laotai was very popular.
"How dare you calculate sunseeker? You’d better pray for such good luck every time; Don’t be caught by the public or else hum! " Gu Qian cold hum that like a cold pool in one thousand eyes swept let Gu Jinlan heart sank.
Fortunately, this time she didn’t do anything out of line after listening to her aunt’s words. She gritted her teeth and kept holding her handkerchief. But the word difference is very different. Why are you so lucky? Why?
Gu old lady smell speech is annoyed "how can Lan Er be so kind and weak and calculate others without being calculated by others?"
"oh? How can the grandmother explain her previous assertion that she gave the purse to Sunseeker? " Gu Qian almost blurted out. Obviously, he knew everything about what happened here.
Gu old lady "…"
"I I didn’t I really didn’t I …" Gu Jinlan mumbled something with his head down.
"Hum, it’s not interesting to show your tears to those who are fond of jade." Gu Qian hated Gu Jinlan’s crying and white flowers. "What should my grandmother do according to the family law for this crime of framing my sister?"
Gu old lady looked a little ugly. "Lan Er was in a trance and didn’t make a big mistake …"
"Hum" Gu Qian gently hum.
"The Queen Mother is here!" A shrill voice came again outside the door.
Gu old lady closed her eyes and spit out a long mouthful of polluted air, raised my hand and rubbed her temple. Qin Rui was deeply coagulated for a moment, and her heart became heavier and heavier. Did God hide her for a few days?
"See the Empress Dowager Chitose Chitose Qian Qian."
"Li Qi Ke" came in with the help of a mammy dressed in an elegant blue palace dress. The golden phoenix on the top of the woman’s head was beaded with jade, and her heart was coiled into a towering fairy bun, with a delicate and lifelike face.
Qin Rui got up and turned to "Mother, why are you here?"
"You haven’t seen this novel for a long time, and someone has seen you come here." The queen mother looked at Qin Rui with love and took his hand. "What happened here is also for the mourning family. The emperor rarely cares about these things."
Everyone knows that writing is very important. Wow, life and death are in the hands of parents. Parents sponsor a collection. My heart is dripping with tears. Looking at our queen mother, she is coming for Qin Rui. In this way, Gu Jinlan can’t suppress things if she wants to. Although she can’t escape punishment, this is not enough. She has arranged a person who likes sexual abuse very much and doesn’t mention Xiao Qiye.
I really want to say that the slap of the third brother is too much for my heart ~ (Chapter 3 slapping punishment (first pushing for the second watch)
"But some filthy things didn’t pollute the mother’s back ear." Qin Rui lowered his head.
"Oh?" Being held by Mammy, the Empress Dowager’s voice was slightly raised. "When I first came, I heard what Miss Gu Sifang said about framing her sister at such a time, but it’s such a real office girl …"
"The Empress Dowager Jian’s younger sister is cold, but she can’t do such a thing." Gu Jiyin is cold and supercilious. "Please ask the Empress Dowager to examine my sister’s innocence."
"But the emperor?" The queen mother turned to Qin Rui.
"Miss Gu Liu was … when Huang Er happened to be out of Taolin and met Miss Gu Si. At that time, she rolled down the hillside and the girl dislocated her ankle, and they helped each other back."
Qin Rui bowed his head in a few words and was concise.
"And it’s a coincidence" Xiao Taihou slightly turned to look at Gu Jinxi sunseeker "whether it’s her daughter’s house to go out or be careful that these good things don’t hurt her face if they are disfigured"
"The queen mother said is very Jin sunseeker educated" Gu Jinxi bowed his head; I don’t know what she always feels that this sudden arrival of Xiao Taihou is definitely not as simple as looking for Qin Rui
The mother and son looked at each other affectionately, but actually looked at Qin Rui with indifferent eyes.