When Gu Jinxi received the news and hurried here,

If the cloud kneels not far from the front, there are water traces of tea cup fragments and scattered freshly brewed tea leaves; Gu old lady dark calm face Gu Jinlan leaned as if to appease; Su Cen was restless and stood beside her. Su Meng was faintly sobbing.
"Jin Sunseeker has seen my grandmother, and I don’t know what happened. My grandmother called her granddaughter in such a hurry."
Gu Jin sunseeker blessing after a ceremony that don’t worry not slow way
"What happened? Hum, ask this bitch yourself!" Gu old lady grumpily stared her one eye "don’t take porcelain work without Jin Gangzuan! If you really can’t manage the feedback, hand it over to others. "
For the old lady Gu, I have already turned to look at Ruoyun.
"What the hell happened?"
"Just now, if the cloud didn’t hold the teacup steady when handing tea to Cen’s sister, it burned Cen’s hand; I heard that Ruoyun had some disrespectful words and deeds to the two sisters last night. "Gu Jinlan turned to look at Gu Jinxi." I don’t think my sister would know. "
Standing behind the old lady, Mammy Liao heard a low voice. "If the old slave remembers correctly, if the clouds and greens reflect them, this batch is all from Miss Ye’s side, and Mammy personally went to the dentist to choose."
"Listening to Sister Liao, it seems that Miss Liao instructed her to disrespect Miss Biao?" Gu Jinxi’s facial expression is so quiet, but with no anger and its own majesty, "If the cloud says"
If the cloud still kneeling toward Gu Jin sunseeker ke head way
"Miss JianFu each hospital is a case; Yesterday, the two table ladies stayed in the shallow cloud house, and they were in charge of the handmaiden in the shallow cloud house. It was not disrespectful for the noodle people to check the utensils. "
Su Mengwen kept biting his teeth. "When is the inventory bad? Do you have to wait until we check in?"
"Stop dreaming" Su Cen’s tearful voice turned out to be a little trembling.
Gu old lady smell speech is also great anger "bang-"
"Bold bitch still dares to argue!"
Look on coldly at the end. Mother Jiang lowered her head and sounded like there was no temperature. "If the old slave remembers correctly, yesterday was the beginning."
"At the beginning of each month, the houses of the government take stock of the instruments. This is the grandmother’s rule; When I took over Zhongfei, my mother urged me not to forget that my granddaughter didn’t dare to violate it. "Gu Jinxi’s mouth was slightly raised."
Gu old lady face suddenly changed.
"Well, it seems to be a misunderstanding." Gu Jinlan smiled slightly. "If Ginger Mammy doesn’t say Lan Er, she will forget this crop."
"I see."
Su Cen immediately float a little guilty "fourth cousin this … I’m sorry I … dream her …"
As the saying goes, cousin Cen doesn’t feel at ease if he doesn’t know, but no one is a saint. What’s worse, the truth is as balanced as each other’s hearts.
Su Meng gritted his teeth. "Then it’s not fake that she burned my sister’s hand."
"If Yun went to the housekeeper to get the top 20 buttons for three months," Gu Jinxi’s eyes did not change their tone, but they were dignified. "Can you be satisfied with this treatment of the two cousins?"
Su Cen nie ru "this is my own carelessness. I …"
"A handmaiden should be punished for not serving the Lord well." Gu Jinxi’s tone was cold. "But if Yun is injured, I’m afraid it’s not suitable to go to Asayunju to serve as a steward. What good advice does Grandma have?"
Sue CenWenWen immediately nasty very not easy if the cloud away nature won’t let Gu Jin sunseeker plug people in again.
Despite the old lady was silent for a moment and some difficult "this ….."
"This is a frenzy of family I am not good at ginseng; Real fourth cousin is really impolite; Shallow cloud house and others really don’t deliberately arrange "Su Cen hurriedly motioning with his hand" if cloud girl because of my involvement I have been very guilty if again … "
Gu Jinxi’s mouth is crooked. "Since Cousin Cen said so, I will send someone to inform people in the hospital later. The two cousins will handle it at their disposal."
"Grandma would have excused herself if she hadn’t told her granddaughter."
"Looking at my grandmother, I’m afraid I’m a little tired, and there’s not much to ask." Gu Jinlan also got up leisurely. "The two sisters haven’t been to my sister Lanxin Pavilion yet, so why don’t you take you to visit the Lord protector with your sister?"
Su Cen felt embarrassed than Gu Jinlan’s suspicion was to give herself a step. She immediately followed the path "Then please bother with Sister Lan."
"Sorry to trouble the old lady."
"I heard that Lan’s sister is not feeling well, and she is still hiding in the house in hot weather. There is always a chance to visit "Gu Jinxi’s realization swept the sight of Su Cen’s two sisters and fell on Gu Jinlan’s body." Sister has something important to do, so I won’t leave you together. "
Gu Jinlan smell speech is not so faint smile "thank you for your sister’s heart"
"Let’s go, two sisters."
Looking at Gu Jin sunseeker go far back Gu Jinlan this just smiled and natural and graceful way
"All right" Su Cen nodded.
"I remember that there is still a jar of ointment in my room, which my grandmother specially asked from the palace to treat burns. Sister Cen, don’t worry, you won’t leave a scar. "Gu Jinlan said as he walked.
Su Cen’s mind at the moment is full of Gu Jinxi’s seemingly meaningful eyes when he left. Gu Jinlan’s words are also coping with "Thank you for your sister Lan"
Soon a line of people came to Lanxin Pavilion.
"My Lanxin Pavilion is naturally better than my grandmother Rongxi Hall. My two sisters, Mu Xige, don’t be ridiculous." Gu Jinlan smiled and led the way. "The two sisters are this way, please."
"The two sisters just sit at home."
Gu Jinlan’s plans are totally different from those of a few months ago.
Su Meng looked around her eyes going round and round since she entered the room. "Things in Lan’s sister’s room are really … things in the fourth cousin’s room are much better than those in Lan’s sister’s room."