He sighed and said, "Yi Qing, don’t think too much, even if it weren’t for you, the two of us would still fight."

"Because … Xiao Cheling thought you wouldn’t understand him at all. His ambition is so great that you can’t imagine that he wants me to live in this world besides you."
He is ambitious, and he always knew it. He really didn’t expect Xiao Che Lingzhen to be in such a way!
"What do you mean?"
"Yi Qing, he wants to be at the top of the world, not to say that he wants to get you and my power, so that he can dominate. You don’t have to worry."
This made Han Yiqing freeze. She never thought he would be like this! Then I listened to Leng Ruixi saying, "You should stay here now and don’t want to leave everything to me."
"But what can you do here now? Maybe when Xiao Cheling comes back and repents, what should I do if I want to kill you? "
Leng Ruixi’s mouth evoked a certain smile. "I will never let this happen. You just have to be good."
"That I still want to ask you how to come up with countermeasures here now? He is going to deal with you … "
"I have let the cold housekeeper handle everything." At this time, he can stay here with her so safely.
Han Yiqing wondered, "So what is your purpose here now? !” You don’t live in such a good place, but you come to this cave to accompany her!
This is not scientific!
"I want to stay with you!"
"What to do with me?"
Han Yiqing wanted to say something, but when he said it, it really shocked her. "Eat with me, drink with me and sleep with me."
"Leng Rui Xi Shi I don’t need your company."
"Say what you don’t accompany? ! Look what you’ve become! My face is so thin that I have to stick my eyes out! Look at what meat you have on your trotters! "
This great joy was written twice because a screenshot was lost %g; _l; %
Chapter 46 You were so fat before
"No!" She said almost consciously and then looked at herself. "I don’t think there is any problem! Is Leng Ruixi wrong? "
"How could I be wrong? You are really thin. You were so fat before. Now you see, I can’t stand the pigs in my stomach."
"LengRuiXi! !”
She is really angry. Why does he always say that she is so … that she can’t even have a baby in her belly …
The smile on his mouth became brighter and brighter. "But it’s a fact. Think about it!"
"I don’t care if it’s true or not, you mustn’t say that about me!"
She is angry and Leng Ruixi always feels that this will make him feel particularly fulfilled, but when his wife should be coaxed, he should be coaxed to pull her skirt. "Yi Qing, how can you do this! You see I followed you from afar … "
When she heard Leng Ruixi say this, her heart immediately softened, and her eyes kept looking at him left and right, looking at him very carefully.
Leng Ruixi smiled, "Yi Qing, what are you doing?"
"I just want to see if you are injured. This place is so remote, maybe there are some scratches …" She worried that it was so beautiful that he was almost obsessed with it.
Then I was afraid that she would worry about grabbing her shoulders with both hands and looking straight at her. "Yi Qing, don’t worry, I have nothing to hurt."
He was not hurt, and she finally let it go with her heart, and then she saw Leng Ruixi’s eyes full of smiles like the sky. Looking at her like this made her feel a little scared.
She stammered, "Leng Ruixi, why are you looking at me like that?"
This feeling is particularly strange. His eyes can’t wait to freeze her directly! How can you be so tender-hearted! Oh dear! She’s still used to letting her freeze to death.
Leng Ruixi said, "Yi Qing, have you found that you have changed?"
"Changed? Where is it? "
He simply said, "If it were you, you would ask me not to hurt Xiao Cheling."
It turned out that this time, when I thought about her, I felt very sorry. "Yeah, I wish I didn’t hurt him, but now … it seems impossible."
"Yi Qing, if you really don’t want him to get hurt, I promise I will do everything possible not to let him get hurt." He assured her that she was really touched. Never before has a man been so generous as to say such a thing.
"Leng Ruixi, what can I say?"
"Well, now you are turning to my elbow and to me. What can I say?"
Everything she did before was to consider other people’s ideas first and then to consider his feelings. Now it’s different.
"Yeah, it’s all you and me. What can I do?"
"That’s right," he smiled and hugged her. "This is our Yiqing!"
"Come on!" She smiled. "Do they know about this after the parents?"
"They all know. I told them I would bring their daughter-in-law back."
This is the real Leng Ruixi!