It wasn’t until this word fell chicken shallow that she exclaimed, "You can’t hit me! I have a dead gold medal! "

Throwing caution to the wind Chapter 96 It’s not him but the emperor.
The queen mother’s heart bumped into her expression, but it was like hearing a big joke. "Are you a witch girl?" Death gold medals are always given to veteran ministers who have made meritorious military service. You can set a precedent for the emperor with your good looks? Idiots must have a degree in dreaming! "
After that, she didn’t give Feng Asaguchi a chance to drop a word "Fight!"
Feng shallow secretly scolded a mother, "you old hag, if you dare to hit me, Mo Ying will never let you go!"
The queen mother sneered, "I want to see if I can kill you, the queen of treason and treason!"
"Ah-!" As the first plate falls, a scream overflows from her mouth
When I saw Xiaoyan before, she kept hitting the board, which was the most tolerable punishment. It was only after being beaten that I realized that it was not a joke!
This hurts …
Phoenix shallow tears fell out directly.
Flow if you want to plead, but the queen mother swept all the words with a sharp eye wind and immediately choked your throat.
The abuse in the hospital is still constant.
"You old hag, I curse you …"
"Are you sure you’re not your own mother? Where is your mother …"
"He is so good, you are so bad and ugly, how can you give birth to his son …"
The queen mother’s face changed greatly.
At that moment, no one noticed the cold Yue Hui. Her face was as white as the moon.
It was a long time before she took a deep breath and scolded, "This witch still has the strength to talk. Is it because she is too busy or you didn’t eat!" She glanced at the executioner.
For a second, Feng simply felt that she had lost her body and added two points of force.
All the dirty words are drilled into my head, but the chicken is so shallow that I can’t even scold the white skirt and dye it red, just like the plum blossom in winter is gorgeous and enchanting.
At this moment, what comes to her mind is the man who appears every time she has an accident.
She has lived for two lives, but she has modern memories. Unfortunately, the only warmth in that memory is her grandmother.
And now the second person who has been deeply impressed by her mind is actually a man who has only known him for a few months.
In her dream, there was a brother and an assassin who assassinated her. These people may all be people she used to know, but she felt a touch of warmth in ancient times, but now she can remember only one Jun Mo Ying.
Although he won’t show up this time …
Flow if anxiously looked at her suddenly quiet to sample for fear that she suddenly insist on not to live …
"Stop it!"
A cold, but twisted with anger to deter, also shocked the people.
They looked in the direction of the door in disbelief, but it was in a hurry and cold air …
Who is it if it is not an emperor?
The executioner really froze and didn’t drop the board again. At the same time, the sharp wind flashed across the moon shadow and the dazzling cold light came straight towards him.
Raise your hand consciously to block a scream of "ah" for one second.
When they came to their senses, they could see him lying screaming with a long sword and his arm covering half of his bloody shoulder blade.
What overbearing kung fu!
And follow the emperor to the shadow moon and hold the sword in his hand. There is no sword left in the scabbard.
It was clear to all that it was not him but the emperor who started it.
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Chicken shallow stupefied raised his head to move some difficult.
I don’t know if it was the moonlight or the lights were too dazzling. She always felt that her vision was a little blurred and even her consciousness was a little trance. As always, the tall figure of a man came up to her with great strides. In addition to anger, she also saw a little panic and pain in that familiar handsome face.