Qin Huanran and Lu Ganhao’s eyes were full of surprise, but they didn’t say anything, especially Qin Huanran’s heart. "Zhang Xiong, Zhang Xiong, from Teacher Sun to Sister Shiyun, and then Yuemei and Wang, even if the eyes are higher than the top and the temper is weird and poisonous, you are really charming to you."

Wang looked at the poison cloud with a flash of surprise, but then he suppressed his emotions and went to the poison cloud. Instead, his face burned. "Are you worried about his safety?" This explanation of three hundred and twenty pieces of silver here makes people more sure that Zhang Tao and Poison Cloud are not that simple.
But now Zhang Tao has taken care of himself. "You don’t have to be here. If anyone follows me and I find out, don’t blame me for falling out!" Zhang Tao finished holding Zhaolong’s body and aiming at the mountain behind Taixiang Village. This sentence is obviously aimed at the most powerful poisonous cloud.
Zhang Tao’s words made the poison cloud and the king darling stay in place. Suddenly, the four people died in silence. The village became extremely embarrassed. The sun gradually set, and four figures seemed to gather in one place, but the king suddenly went to the poison cloud, which made the poison cloud very surprised.
Aside Qin Huanran and Lu Ganhao’s eyes are full of strange fluctuations, surprises, doubts and a little excitement! Obviously, they all want to see what happens next?
"Are you Sister Poison Zun?" The king asked softly that although she had never seen a poisonous cloud, she knew Moying and the poisonous cloud.
Poison cloud is a little flustered! Yes, it’s panic. Honghao Chinese people smell poison! One makes many people afraid that Tianshi Zun seems a little embarrassed in the face of a woman who is tied with her hands. "Just call me poison cloud."
Qin Huanran and Lu Ganhao were even more surprised at this sentence. Poison statue has always been proud, except for Zhang Tao, who put a rack in front of others, but now he put a rack in front of the king. This is really reminiscent of love me, love my dog.
Poisonous cloud may also notice that Lu Ganhao and Qin Huanran’s eyes are suddenly cold. "What are you doing here when we talk to women?" If you have nothing to do, why don’t you go and see if there are any clues left? Do you want to help you? "
"Dare not" Qin Huanran and Lu Ganhao smiled bitterly and then they met and left together.
Zhang Tao came to meet Zhaolong’s body for the first time. Although there is no cold spirit crystal in the cave of abode of fairies and immortals for nine days, it is extremely secretive and the temperature is not low. It is summer and cool. It is definitely a good place to place the body.
"Zhaolong teacher here the original Taoer and Gongshifu didn’t know the place, but now you have to stay here. Don’t worry about the village. I’m in charge of Zhang Tao! Now that Taixiang Village is safe, I, Zhang Tao, will fight against the teacher. You can rest assured that the person you choose will not let you down! When the villagers in Taixiang Village return to the motherland and everything is over, Taoer will come here again to rest you for so many years. You have worked hard in the village! You are tired! But you can rest assured that Taixiang Village will never forget your great kindness! " Say that finish Zhang Tao honestly before zhaolong ke three XiangTou.
The extremely ice-free spring slowly flows out and freezes Zhaolong and the whole cave! Zhang Tao is slightly pale. With the special terrain here, the ice is not so easy to melt, and it is still a cold world.
After finishing everything, Zhang Tao rushed back to the village, but Qin Huanran and Lu Ganhao were not seen. Only the poisonous cloud eyes dodged the king and smiled. "What’s wrong with you?" Zhang Tao thought they were weird, but because too many things happened today, Zhang Tao observed and analyzed them carefully.
At this time, it’s getting late, but Zhang Tao is not going to stay here. It’s urgent to race against time to find the villagers in Taixiang Village! Find out everything behind the scenes.
Qin Huanran and Lu Ganhao didn’t appear until they saw Zhang Tao appear far away. "Now that you’re back, let’s go. Maybe Mo’s predecessors have found some clues." Qin Huanran said.
Zhang Tao also felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere of the four people. He looked at the poisonous cloud and the king’s heart and felt that what seemed to have happened when he left, something he didn’t know or what the two of them said privately.
"good! Let’s go! " But Zhang Tao is not in the mood to delve into this lead.
Chapter 45 The first message
Chapter 45 The first message
Things in Taixiang Village have had a great impact on Zhang Tao. Four people accelerated their journey all the way. Although it was bitter for the king, she gritted her teeth to support it. It took a few days to travel, but two days later she came to Tianyuecheng [,
There’s evidence left by Mo Ying. Second, Zhang Tao needs to lock the suspect with the help of the intelligence network of JIU ge Fu! On who the other party violated Zhang Tao’s lamella, it is inevitable to deal with it to the end
I think that Zhang Tao’s ambition and Zhang Tao’s reluctance in those days were all about making the village more prosperous. Now, they can finally return home with their clothes on and achieve their dreams and goals, but Taixiang Village is already alone. Is this change acceptable to Zhang Taoru?
"I don’t care if you are a foreign power! Even if you are powerful, you can’t hope that Honghaoguo will escape my eyes and ears! " Zhang Tao gritted his teeth and thought
"Son, you are unwell. It is not appropriate to follow me for a long journey. It is difficult for people in Taixiang Village to meet the enemy in a fierce battle. I am afraid it is difficult for you to stay in the moon city." Zhang Tao earnestly persuaded.
Aside Wang Hongju daughter eager also echoed and said, "Yes, daughter, just listen to your husband’s words. The origin of the other party is not that you follow them." Although Wang Hongju knew the cause and effect of the incident, Zhang Tao also seriously warned him that it was absolutely inappropriate to be outside Zhang Tao. Wang Hongju officials have naturally understood sense motive for many years and hurriedly ensured that they kept their mouths shut.
In fact, his heart is also quite worried, but this matter Zhang Tao also intends to turn to Dong Dao for help. He is the honorary elder of Haoran University. Haoran University, after all, has a profound foundation and a unimaginable network of contacts! Asking them for help is bound to get some information and help.
If you rely on your own words, it will be difficult to accomplish anything. If Taixiang village people are transported out of Honghao country and come to overseas land, it will really lose all opportunities.
But no one thought that the weak king was quite firm this time. "No! I want to follow him! Follow my husband’s life and death! "
This remark shocked everyone at the scene, especially Wang Hongju, who knows his daughter from himself. She is a sensible, obedient and sensible daughter. Although her body is weak, she is not as naughty and unruly as the Wangs and sisters! But what’s going on today? She disobeyed herself for the first time?
Wang Hongju suddenly felt that her daughter had become a little strange. "Don’t say it. If my husband is kind, it’s really undesirable. Then I won’t hesitate even if I go into darkness forever." Wang Jian said when he saw Zhang Tao’s intention to speak.
"Dad, I’m sorry, my husband needs me now. If my wife is bound to accompany him, am I going to stay out of the way because of danger?" Zhang Tao was deeply moved by Wang’s attitude and Wang’s firmness. When her anxiety was hit, she! A weak woman has come forward to accompany her so much?
"Daughter, dad doesn’t want you to leave her. You should know that it’s dangerous for you to follow him." Wang Hongju’s words were quickly interrupted by a person. "Zun will protect her." Poison cloud once again set off a shocking frenzy. Zhang Tao was most surprised that poison cloud would come out to help Wang speak? You know, they’ve only met for a few days, right?
Wang Hongju certainly knows the identity of the poisonous cloud. Now that the somebody else’s Tianshi Zun has spoken, if he doesn’t promise it, he won’t give it to him. Wang Hongju Tiandan also dare not object.
"Now that the poisonous adults have spoken, daughter, you should be careful." Wang Hongju finally had to settle for second best.
"Did they really say something? Poison cloud character should not be like this? " Zhang Tao looked at the king’s grateful eyes for poison cloud, but poison cloud smiled and wondered in his heart.
I roughly asked a sister of the Wangs, who still followed the Wushan old man to practice Zhang Tao and nodded. Later, they went to Haoran University to tell Taixiang Village things again.
Dong Dao was well informed and finally gave Zhang Tao several roads. "Since Mo Ying went to track, I don’t think he would lose him, but you’d better pay more attention to who your enemy is now. It’s too dangerous for them to take your relatives. There are two possibilities: the first hostage threat, but this number is too large! Maybe most of them will be sold. You should pay attention to a large auction house in a vast country. You should know that slaves are legalized. "
Zhang Tao benefited a lot from Dong Dao’s words. Of course, Dong Dao will also help him to inquire about the strange forces’ entry into Honghao country from various channels.
"Then I’d like to thank the wine-offering adults," Zhang Tao said with fuels.
After Zhang Tao left, Yu Songtian said, "Most of the other parties are foreign forces. Did our Haoran University rashly intervene?"
Dong Dao sighed, "I can’t sit still on this matter. Have you forgotten a blood moon villa? If we turn a blind eye this time, will Zhang Tao treat our university like this? Is it fearful that our noble institution has stood erect for many years? If the other party really wants to catch it all, then come! " Speaking of which, Dong Dao’s momentum has become sharp.
Jade praise day ha ha a smile "good! Since you have decided to drink, will my jade praise the sky and fall behind others? "
Zhang Tao went to Jiu Gefu again. At this moment, hundreds of people in Jiu Gefu have made rapid progress in training. Almost all of them have become six-level martial artists. What’s more, some martial artists want to know how long it takes? Can you imagine how hard everyone trains?
For Zhang Tao, the blood begonia is also frightened. No wonder Zhang Tao just went back in a few days. It turned out that such an incredible event happened in his hometown.