I’m so upset that I haven’t promised them yet, but they really regard me as a friend. I want to save me. Can I really be friends with them? I thought to myself.

Finally, I decided that I shook my head.
Chapter 18 Process
Chapter 18
I shook my head to get rid of my thoughts. Then I turned to them and smiled and said, "Thank you for treating me as a friend. I didn’t promise you. Is it too inhuman for me to refuse you again?"
Qi hit me on the shoulder and hugged us and said, "Yes, if you refuse us like this, we may really collapse."
I touched the girl’s head and said, "Let’s formally introduce ourselves and make my name Qianling Zibing, which is the daughter of the 1,000-diamond group in China."
"Ah, you’re the one who has been called a gifted child since childhood." Ying pointed at me with a face of surprise.
I nodded my head.
"Wow, you are that person. I didn’t expect to know you. We are Bai Xinqi and Ouyang Xin Muying respectively. We are also the top ten family members, namely Bai Tuan and Ouyang Mu Tuan."
"Oh, so you also have such a strong background. There are four other groups." I smiled and told the truth that I had guessed a little.
"Yes, you really don’t know. We have been good friends since childhood, but you killed us." Qi complained to me.
I don’t understand watching their voices become less cold and saying, "Why do you say that?"
"That’s because you have been called a genius since you were a child, and you do everything so well. Whenever we don’t do well, our parents will compare us with you and say how can we not compare with you? But you are really great, and your kung fu is so good. That’s why our parents sent us here for training, and part of the reason is that we want to come," Xin said in an orderly way
"Oh, it’s really partly because of me here," I said lukewarm.
They all nodded their heads
"Well, I’ll make it up to your friends."
From then on, I decided that since I was friends with them, I would protect them no matter what.
After that, the four of us are always inseparable, and everything is done by four people. Every day after people leave, we will still train there, even if it is scarred and bloody every day.
Sometimes we will sit and chat, and I will tell them what I have experienced, and they will tell me about them, so that we will be closer like sisters.
A year later, because our ability grew rapidly, we quickly came out of the devil’s forest.
After we came out, we came to France and lived there for three years. During these three years, we founded the Ice Pavilion Ice Space Group, and I created an ice rock group outside. Even they didn’t know that in just a few years, these groups became famous all over the world, and we also became world-famous killers.
After coming out of the devil’s forest, we don’t want to step into it. Although there are some good memories of us, we smell bloody places every day, so we don’t want to go there.
Chapter 19 My ears are getting cocoons.
Chapter 19
I shook my head to wake me up from my memory. Yes, the Devil’s Forest is my happiness, but when I go there every day, I will see that there is no temperature in the blood. Do I want to go back there?
I frowned and returned to the original state.
I smiled back when I saw Xin and they were looking at me in a hurry.
Then I said, "Xin, I’m fine. I’m not worried about the cold. What makes you think I’ll go with you?"
"Ice, I don’t have much confidence, but I hope you can go with me. This is my father’s hope after all." Cold said is so true.
"Forget it, I have to think about it. I’ll give you an answer later. Let’s call it a day and go back to your room," I said with a wave.
They all went back to their rooms to have a rest without saying anything when they heard me say this.
Lying in bed thinking about today, Nai Tian can’t sleep.
However, being jealous today means that he cares about me, which makes me very happy, but I can’t smile at the thought of going to the devil’s forest.
The next day, as scheduled, we were going to school soon, but I went to bed very late last night.
As soon as I came to school, I fell over the table and saw me. He had already come to school.
He touched my head and said, "What? Didn’t sleep well last night? Are you okay? "
Looking at him tenderly and worrying about my heart like eating honey, I answered him, "It’s okay. I’ll sleep until noon."
"Mm-hmm, you sleep."
Say that finish I lie prone on the ground.
It’s been like this for a long time. I passed in a daze during my sleep, and the horse arrived at noon
Shine in my ear and say softly, "It’s already noon when it’s freezing."