A large piece of red primordial claws was caught in Yuan Lan.

Yuan Lan hands delimit circle shura vitality to protect their own department.
Those claws poop-poop beat Yuan Lan Shura’s vitality cover, which was full of holes and cracks everywhere.
Yuan Lan quickly repaired a vitality that finally blocked the feather Qian Fan’s * * blow.
The first * * strike is over, and the second * * strike of Feather Qian Fan has already struck.
He vibrates in a pair of bone wings and flies in a spiral shape for several times, and clouds of shura vitality spiral from his body and hit Yuan Lan.
Yuan Lan used several teleports in a row, but she talked about where she moved to, and the explosion caused by that group of shura vitality followed her where she was like peas and carrots.
Yuan Lan shura’s magic flame is really terrible. Feather Qian Fan also knows that he can’t make a ranged attack with Yuan Lan’s melee.
His realistic power is stronger than Yuan Lan’s. This long-range attack held up Yuan Lan’s ability to fight back.
"If you have the prototype of hell, you still have a chance to beat me, but now you have no chance. Since you want to protect your apprentice, you should die first!"
Taking advantage of some bombing, Yuan Lan was struggling to cope with the international feather Qian Fan’s figure quickly swept to Yuan Lan’s side, and the five-fingered claws slammed toward Yuan Lan’s forehead.
Yuan Lan’s eyes flashed with red light, and his hands once again generated the shura magic flame to shoot at Qian Fan, who killed himself.
"Ha ha when!" When Yuan Lan’s flame shoots at Yu Qian Fan, the figure of Yu Qian Fan suddenly distorts and disappears immediately.
At the same time, another feather, Qian Fan, instantly generated the same claw behind Yuan Lan and shot it at the back of Yuan Lan’s head!
"Damn it!" Yuan Lan can move his head to avoid feather Qian Fan’s claw attack if he comes or not.
Head is avoided, but feather Qian Fan caught Yuan Lan’s back with a claw.
Boom a claw with shura vitality will yuan LAN fly out of the good far straight to Lin Yu.
Lin Yu quickly rushed forward and caught Yuan Lan and received her in his arms.
Yuan Lan’s dying red eyes in his arms turned black again. "Big brother … little Lan’s son didn’t … little Lan’s son was dying … blare …"
"You won’t die!" Lin Yu quickly fed Yuan Lan the high-order Dan medicine demon core in his own things, but it was of no help for Yuan Lan to eat more things.
Being hit by Qian Fan, a nine-feather reincarnation, even if the other person is not a force, it is still not cured by ordinary Dan medicine and demon nucleus.
It’s a pity that Lin Yu’s existing Yuanling realm, a heavy medicine dexterous hand, can also cultivate Yuanling realm-level Dan liquid medicine at most, which has no effect on Yuanlan.
"Ha ha, look down upon me for taking your meat status and give you a good farewell to your master in a few minutes." Feather Qian Fan proudly suspended the red jack-o’-lantern in the half-skull’s eyes and kept jumping, which was very exciting.
Lin Yu ignored this guy and still held Yuan Lan tightly. "Xiao Lan, don’t fall asleep!"
Lin Yu, while not letting Yuan Lan fall asleep, tried his best to connect with the little girl’s master, but he couldn’t feel the little girl’s master at all!
"Master!" Lin Yu’s brain felt as if it had exploded. Has Master been beaten out of her wits by Feather Qian Fan?
How come!
But how can Lin Yufa save Yuan Lan now that Lin Yufa is linked to Little Loli’s master?
Lin Yu then remembered his own things, didn’t he still have a colorful feather suit ready for Qing rhyme order?
If I had just remembered to put this feather coat on Yuan Lan, Yuan Lan would have been fine!
"That thing is not stupid!" The little girl’s master has the strength to sound intermittently in Lin Yu’s mind. "Demon shura attacks all physical defense damages and it’s no good to defend treasures from the outside! If that girl has any wish, you can be her. I’ll hide from her and have a good rest so that I can sneak up on that damn feather Qian Fan! "
Then the little Lori master immediately lost her voice.
I know that the little girl’s master is still Lin Yuxin, but I don’t feel good about where to go because Yuan Lan is dying.
"Xiao Laner, do you have any wishes?" Lin Yu’s eyes are red and filled with tears.
This lovely little girl has been following herself, always helping herself without asking for anything from herself, but she didn’t even save her life. Lin Yu hates it!
He hates that he is too weak to protect his relatives and friends.
Even if the elder is stronger than him, he still has to rely on his own strength at all times!
Lin Yu wants to be stronger, but what’s the point of thinking?
"Big brother, can you … kiss a … little Lan son …" Yuan Lan said weakly as if it were possible to hang up at any time.
Lin Yu immediately touched Yuan Lan’s forehead with his mouth without hesitation, and said, "Don’t … I want my big brother to be like my sister Qing Yun and the autumn moon … I just don’t grow up … I’m really not a little girl …"