Not because they are about to meet Su Ling, but because they have finally reached the point of ending it!

On that day, he was trapped near Yilian Mountain for nearly ten days!
I don’t know what would have happened if the search and rescue people hadn’t found them!
And at that time, all his plans were completely disturbed by the burning dust!
Not enough … One thing he can be sure of is that he sent someone to hold the South Xia Guo token before, but it was successful to let Su Ling know!
Although he can’t guarantee how effective it will be, it’s all worth it if it can distract them!
In the dark, the team is marching in an orderly way, but sitting alone in the carriage, Lou Chen’s look is gradually becoming trance!
After this time, I’m afraid he and Su Ling really can’t go back to the past!
And if Yu Lao has met Su Ling, then I believe Gulan must have met her!
Su Ling is the last thing I want in my heart, whether in the past or now!
There is no denying that the days when he was secretly injured by Lou Zhan were very precious to him!
Because there is no profit struggle and there are not so many tricks, he is a humble restaurant shopkeeper in Xiao Ning!
It’s a pity that all this was ruined by himself!
This reality is bound to happen!
No one in the imperial family wants to smell it silently for a generation! Especially used to watching the king’s demeanor. Who doesn’t want to be a king? !
What’s more, for so many years, he was the most beloved son of his father. He went abroad in such a big building that he was in the limelight for a while!
But no matter how much glory he had, his father never gave him the throne!
Even if everyone thinks he is the perfect candidate, things are always unsatisfactory!
He never understood that his father had never set up a wife for so many years!
Even if he loves himself the most, he also monopolizes the word * love!
Later, he thought carefully that maybe it was because he had never made any achievements!
In the end, he did not hesitate to join hands with Yu Bo directly after he found the door!
If he has a chance to get his father to treat him differently, he will do whatever it takes!
Now my father has come to listen to him!
But he never let go of the throne!
"It is not good to have an ambush!"
When the carriage was still immersed in his own thoughts, Lou Chen suddenly heard the noise outside the carriage and the followers shouting vigilance!
Suddenly, my heart shook my shoulders and I slapped the carriage door with a palm!
"What’s going on!"
Don’t be surprised, Lou Chen is as stable as a sculpture, sitting in a carriage!
Even though the carriage door has been torn apart by his strength, his face is still as cold as ice!
"Lord, beware of an ambush ahead!"
Wen Louchen’s eyes narrowed coldly into a crack and listened carefully to the surrounding movements!
Then don’t wait for him to react. In the daytime and snowy night, he cried and jumped up several shadows from the ground!
It’s hard to tell how many people are there when you look directly at the ink!
Those men in dark robes are almost in harmony with ink when they leave the snow-white ground!
At this scene, Lou Chen suddenly sneered, "Kill the past!"
At present, these people have extraordinary skills and are full of momentum!
He never doubted that he could train such a man!
But it’s obvious that his move has been discovered!
He didn’t want to hide himself from the beginning!
Now the ghost town has his own ideas!
The fable that once flowed for a long time has been hovering in his mind!
The one who gets the treasure of the phoenix family will get heaven!
Whether it is true or not, if he can get a part of the treasure, his father will certainly praise him when his deeds become famous!
At the beginning, he always thought that his father was a fatuous and addicted female emperor, but after years of observation, he dared not think so again!