With the wind blowing from the empire to the mainland, Yi Aoqiu, Fan Tong and others have pulled out to attack the head dragging the soul of Warcraft with one gun, one sword, one left and one right.

That Warcraft is swept out with one arm and one gun and one sword is easily "swung". Although several guanyu guide their strength to advance by leaps and bounds, they are too weak in front of Grade 9 Warcraft.
In the future, we have to stop the second offensive of Warcraft. The arm has already been shot forward, and an energy like "tide" water erupts from the claws of Warcraft.
Fan Tong and Yi Ao Qiu Li waved their weapons, and the gun shadow and sword awn interwoven into an attempt to block the energy from the eruption of Warcraft.
However, it seems that their gun shadow and sword awn are still not dense enough, and the energy washes away the gun shadow and sword awn to form a defensive wall and bombards them heavily.
Millicent suspense two people were flying out G.
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Steal all the days but not your heart.
Many strong people have tried to save the baby from this head of Warcraft, and they have ignored their own safety. Everyone is emotional. At this time, everyone is desperate for their own safety.
Although one after another, the strong died in the claws of Warcraft, but he was strong enough to forget life and death and save Feng Yang from Warcraft.
But in the end, no one can stop the first nine steps of Warcraft, which killed more than a dozen Wu Shen strong men and put their palms around the king of snakes, and then flew to China to participate in the battle.
"This little guy really makes people love and hate each other." Looking at the cute baby’s face, the snake king is greedy and can’t hide it. Of course, hun is cute. Whether it is natural or not is that hun has potential.
It’s obvious that a monster beast who would choose such an ugly barbarian orc body is unexpected in appearance.
"You don’t touch him, I can give you my body." Feng Yang’s heart also felt a little scared, even at the expense of lowering his posture and pleading with the king of viper to occupy his body
"Now the king seems to prefer this little guy’s body. Fifty years should be enough. After fifty years, the king can train this little guy’s body and surpass you." The king of viper greedily looks at the baby. Although this method continues to fight, it is simple enough to take a baby away.
"It’s really good to touch the king’s body without harm." At this time, the king of viper has picked up hun and appreciated the baby who is about to become his new body.
At this moment, a beautiful image suddenly flashed to the front of the king of viper like a ghost.
Fengyang realized some meanings from the words of the king of viper. There must be something extraordinary about the king of viper, otherwise it wouldn’t say so. Seeing that Caier seems to be going to save hun, Fengyang quickly shouted "Don’t touch it."
However, I don’t know whether the wind woke up too late or the decision was made by Cai Er. She resolutely reached out and attacked the king of the snake. The wind element energy hit the king of the snake, but it didn’t make him feel anything strange. hun was successfully grabbed by Cai Er.
It was the arm that stung the snake king. Caier felt that his arm was impacted by a fire energy.
She held hun in one hand and turned to leave.
But it’s still too late. The king of the viper suddenly grabbed Caier’s shoulder. Caier’s body froze, and a hot energy spread from her shoulder instantly, making her whole body red.
Son can’t help but let out a miserable shout jiā body shaking violently.
"Let her go" screamed at the top of his lungs, but he tried his best to save Caier.
"It’s very simple to let her put this little guy." The king of viper smiled indifferently.
Although it has no ability to continue fighting, the ancient monster beast itself contains energy, but it is not something that ordinary people can bear.
At this moment, Tseer is as painful as being pierced by an arrow, and she is as uncomfortable as being baked in a stove. She can clearly feel that her body force is disappearing at a crazy speed, as if a basin of water is gradually burned by flames.
"Adopt son to let go and let go quickly. Look at adopt son’s pale face full of worries.
Cai Er’s mouth suddenly drew a bright smile, which was fascinating. I laughed and saw the information that scared him.
"Don’t do this, you will think of me occasionally." Caier seems to have some sadness in her sad jokes, and she seems to have done her best to throw the baby out and catch it. The baby has already flown to Xia Ying. "Xia Ying, go quickly."
Son of a bitch, the king of vipers drank a mouthful of poison and suddenly jumped out and fell to the ground.
The viper dynasty said, "Take the baby back."
The wind raised its strength and went to Caier’s side and sat down to pick her up. At this time, Caier’s beautiful face was already bloody.
Suddenly, Feng Yang’s heart was very sour and twitched. He knew the first girl and saved his girl three transgressions and four times. The lovely girl who stole her own life goal.
When I really don’t think of her, it seems that I always forget that there is such a girl around me who never leaves her side, but I never thought about her feelings.
Caier’s words still linger in my ears, and the heartache makes Feng Yang’s hands tremble. "How can you be so stupid?"
"I can steal all the days, but I can’t steal your heart in the end." Caier tried her best to say this sentence. Her eyes gradually dimmed and she lay in her arms as if it were the happiest thing in the world. She fell asleep quietly with that stupid smile.
Holding Tse-erh’s body in the wind and shivering, I couldn’t see his expression clearly with my head down.
At this time, the girl’s two sentences are like needles, and they are short and sad, but they have become the last confession of her life.
Xia Ying looked back at Caier’s look and was full of sadness, but holding hun, she didn’t dare to stop and suddenly turned around and galloped away towards Guangshun City.
However, before flying a few feet away, I suddenly felt a terrible energy breath coming from behind. B-movement slowed Xia Ying down a little.
The explosion behind him made Xia Ying’s nervous reflex waiting for the attack look back and see a familiar figure. When he is in danger, this figure will always appear in front of him and resolve all crises for himself.
Xia Ying mouth peep out one silk shallow smile.
Leng Yue is holding an iron sword. Of course, at the moment, he is facing a level 9 Warcraft. The iron sword in his hand is processed and mixed with some sanctuary materials to make this iron sword have the magic weapon lethality.
"Take hu month didn’t turn back to face level 9 of Warcraft. He must concentrate on level 9 of Warcraft to kill him three times when he turned back.
Ying turned and sped toward Liu Zhe.
"Know, stupid humans want to stop me, too?" That level 9 Warcraft impressively is just captured hun, whose head is huge, and it also has the general speed of the wind, and at first it is a thunderous attack.
Leng Yue’s sword is the fastest among human beings except for the wind and flowers. Even Lu Yi, a warrior, once claimed that his sword was not as fast as Leng Yue’s.
But Lv Yi doesn’t take the speed route. His swordsmanship doesn’t win at speed, but few people can hide from that seemingly unpleasant sword. This is the terrible thing about Lv Yi’s swordsmanship.