"Zhang Yang!" Li Sisi frown confused and then said, "let him go to the reception room! Anyway, this Li Fu he also can’t afford to lift the storm "

The servant girl walked out of the door for about four or five minutes, and Yu Weichen, who was handsome, slowly walked into the reception room of Li Sisi alone.
Li Hong, the duke, is a daughter of Li Sisi. Of course, she has been trained since childhood, and the government belongs to Li Sisi’s own room, hospitality room and martial arts room, and so on, and all of them are ready to cultivate her ability.
Li Sisi is unruly because he is tired of this lifestyle from childhood to big noble and wants to return to what he likes, but most people can’t enter her boudoir.
It seems natural to sit in the wooden chair of Li Sisi Central University in the reception room, and it has its own aristocratic momentum.
Yu Weichen sits in a partial seat. He is a grand duke of three big families in Fallen Leaf City, and naturally he is also a noble leader.
There are carved teacups on the wooden tables next to them, and the tea is fragrant.
"Yu Dagong come today have something to talk about? I don’t have much time, "Li Sisi asked directly.
Yu Weichen smiled and said, "Miss Li and Zhang Yang are so young that they become great masters. I can’t find a young master in Fallen Leaves City, but don’t you think it strange that he is willing to be your personal bodyguard because of his appearance?"
Li Sisi frown for a moment and then said, "Yu Dagong let’s just say what we came for! Save the two of us can’t understand each other. "
"good!" Yu Weichen said, "There was a fire in the Li’s armory yesterday. Do you know who set it?"
Li Sisi showed a slight anger. "My family is not strong. Don’t always beat around the bush. What are you trying to say?"
Yu Weichen said, "Then let me get this straight! Yesterday, two young people came to me and told me the origin of Zhang Yang and it was absolutely true. "
"Zhang didn’t hurt me and Li Fu. I don’t care what the origin is." Li Sisi’s eyes showed that his anger was getting colder.
"This Li Sisi has a love for Zhang Yang. I have a slim chance of being next to Li Sisi. He is likely to become a son-in-law of the Li family. He must die!" Li Sisi’s defense of Zhang Yang made Yu Weichen’s intention to kill more victorious.
He said to himself, "Zhang is a secret killer organization. The young killer took it to Li Fu this time to steal the king’s achievement method" Fire Bell Work ".The two men were named" Feng Li and Qi Xinglong ".Zhang belongs to the same organization, and they know the truth about Zhang."
"Fire bell work!" Li Sisi himself froze!
"Impossible! Zhang Yang also taught me many martial arts fighting methods and was very good to me. How can he be a killer? Do not believe! Yesterday, two people, Zhang Yang, fought against them. Zhang Yang had a holiday to frame Zhang Yang’s plan to be impeded. "Li Sisi didn’t believe Yu Weichen’s words at all.
Yu Weichen woke up again and said, "Miss Li and Zhang Yang are going to steal your Li Guwang’s high-level achievement method, the fire bell work, and a Wang-level achievement method can create a family with strong strength. Zhang Yanghang is different from extinction. Li Jiacheng heard that there was also a struggle in Li Fuzang Pavilion yesterday."
"This I naturally know the king level achievement method is far more important than a congenital fighters" Li Sisi nodded.
Then she said indifferently, "Yu Weichen, if you think about it, you will frame my personal bodyguard without evidence. If it is false, you will provoke me to be dignified and you will provoke two fights!"
Yu Weichen looked calm and then said, "I’m telling the truth. Miss Li can go to Feng Li and say that Zhang Yang’s killer organization already has a wife. The two of them have been inseparable. The female name" Wu Yu "looks amazing. This time it didn’t appear in the deciduous city. It may be passed."
"Wu Yu!" Li Sisi again surprised heart way "is that true? Wu Hao is really easy? "
Yu Weichen’s words made Li Sisi doubt her judgment. Now she is not interested in the king’s achievement method, but thinks of Zhang Yang and Wu Yu.
"Hum! Yu Weichen is not kind "Li Sisi heart cold hum.
She’s not stupid, either. Many nobles in Fallen Leaves City yearn for the benefits of being a single woman in the city, but Zhang Yang’s talent has suppressed all the younger generation in Fallen Leaves City.
Some people don’t know that Zhang Yang is really talented, but Yu Weichen has seen it. Naturally, it is impossible for Zhang Yang to take the lead, but ending the competitor’s life is the simplest solution.
"Yu Weichen do you have anything? Nothing. Let’s talk another day! I’m the Li family, and I’m the Li family. I don’t bother you. Li Sisi’s tone is getting more and more indifferent.
She hates this kind of cheating face, but Zhang is not very concerned about it. She leads herself to go shopping and play, and she can easily solve the danger. Zhang is very safe and relaxed. Compared with these people, these people are very bad
"It’s okay, Miss Li, but it’s hard to prevent domestic thieves." Yu Weichen smiled and then walked out of the reception room and left Li Sisi to sit alone and meditate.
Li Sisi walked out of the reception room while meditating, but he couldn’t help but go to Zhang Yangfang …
Yu Weichen Li Sisi dialogue is there are three people walked into the Li Fu saw the purple forest, these three people is the sky Huang Yuanli eagle!
At the same time, twelve young masters also entered the deciduous city, and their eyes were fixed on Li Fu around them.
A big storm is about to happen, Zhang Yang. The unknown situation and danger have quietly come. Chapter 77 Li Sisi’s mind.
Chapter 77 Li Sisi’s mind