Feng Yang seems to have come to the fun. He directly took out two pots of spirits from jade and threw them to Hua Sheng Xue. He took a sip of the wine with the spout and touched the corners of his mouth. He laughed, "Who dares me to drink thousands of cups and laugh?"

With one sword and one hip flask, there are many crises, and his posture stands in the wind in the Woods. At this moment, it is full of people’s heart-pounding, and it is like riding on the invincible god of war. There is a domineering expression in the words of the group.
"Today, it’s trip worthwhile to be able to drink thousands of cups in this environment." It’s not gay to feel a brief encounter, it’s the appreciate each other of the strong.
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Chapter six hundred and ninety Also in the law
The wind blows and the flowers win the snow, just like when I was two children, my head was hit by a heavy object and I was crazy. I drank too much in the dangerous Woods and seemed to forget that I was still in the array where my life could be in danger at any time.
If someone sees this scene, they will immediately have two thoughts, either to laugh at their mental illness or to marvel at their courage and fearless courage.
In the Woods, there is a constant wind and a generous smile. Although flowers win snow, their personality is relatively positive, but they have become active because of the wind and wind, and many words and deeds have been released.
After they had a good drink, their physical strength also recovered a lot, so they moved on.
It seems that we are close to the periphery of the forest. The law we met later is that flowers win the snow, and we all broke through it. It is not a psychedelic law, but a solid attack. Every law attack exerts great lethality. Rao is the wind and Yang and flowers win the snow. They are all strong in Wu Shen, but they are still not seriously injured.
After carrying three arrays in a row, Feng Yang and Hua Shengxue were all black and blue. Hua Shengxue said with a smile, "The first thing I met when I came in was this array. It looks like we broke out."
"If you don’t break out, you’ll die." Feng Yang teased and laughed, and the in the mind was also relaxed.
It seems that they finally saw the blue sky and white clouds, except the trees, and his building saw the way out of the mountain
"Finally came out."
Seeing the mountain road in front of me and the scenery of Chaoyang City in the distance, I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and lift my legs and walk towards the mountain.
However, Hua Sheng Xue suddenly frowned and quickly took Feng Yang’s way "no, no"
Feng Yang stopped and looked back at Hua Sheng Xue. "What’s wrong?"
"We may still be in the array," Hua Shengxue said with a dignified look.
The wind blows around the scenery ahead, and the Chaoyang city can be clearly seen in the distance. Is this still the law?
"I remember there was a stone tablet outside the forest when I entered the forest, but there was no stone tablet here," Hua Shengxue said, pointing to one side of the ground.
"Didn’t you encounter such an array when you were in the front?" The wind Yang suspicious asked
"No" flower wins snow nodded firmly.
"Don’t you have to go through this array from Dreadwind Gate?" The wind Yang indecision uncertain looking at flowers wins snow "look here is the mountain road don’t rush out to kill god we will always be in circles? Until I am exhausted? "
"Maybe it’s possible."
The wind raised his eyebrows and locked them up. Both knife-shaped eyebrows were wrinkled into a” shape. He hesitated for a moment before tentatively saying, "An array must have something to maintain, just as people need a heart to maintain vitality. Array also needs a heart to start. Maybe we must find this array to crack the heart or we will be trapped here forever."
"We are now in the array, and everything is an illusion." Looked at the wind, blossoming flowers and winning snow with a wry smile.
"A man’s heart is in his stomach but not outside his chest." Feng Yang Gherardini said that although he had not been exposed to the law theory, it was a set of laws.
Feng Yang wanted to think, suddenly closing his eyes and sensing the surrounding situation with powerful yuan soul force, but what surprised Feng Yang was that he felt a very weak energy breath.
At this moment, Yuan Soul Force can actually sense a faint breath, which makes Feng Yang have to marvel at the horror of Dreadwind Gate Law.
The wind blows up the Yuan soul force, which is the first person in mainland China. Even the Elves are among the best. He can feel a little faint breath with this strength of Yuan soul force. If he were someone else, wouldn’t he be trapped here forever?
According to the yuan soul force induction wind Yang walked towards the faint energy breath.
Hua Shengxue watched the wind blowing in amazement and saw that the wind blowing directly passed through the tree stems with his eyes closed. Every time the wind blowing through the tree stems, the tree stems would produce a strange twist, and the wind blowing through the tree stems would cause several shocking wounds.
Finally, when the wind stopped a big tree, the body was dyed red with blood, just like a bloody person.
However, at the moment when the wind stopped the tree, the branches of the tree turned out to be like a sharp sword stabbing at the wind, and the branches and leaves turned into handfuls of flying knives and smashed the wind.
Feng Yang suddenly opened his eyes and burst out a hot light. His legs pushed his body and floated back ten feet. Like swords, branches and flying knives, the leaves at the same time blasted the land that Feng Yang had just set up.
At the same time, it’s two leaves flying knife, which generally flies towards the wind at the speed of one by one.
See at present two time flash wind Yang body was inserted into the two leaves blood poured out.
The wind Yang’s face died slightly, and he saw two branches suddenly bending from the tree and whipping them one by one to attack a wide range.