The first floor has such a strong flame smell. It is conceivable that at this time, Du Yun suddenly remembered that there was a fire element in the old man’s talk in the black spar when he was in the sutra depository.

A flash of light in my mind, Du Yun, a shock in my heart, isn’t that the fire element here? Thinking about it in my heart, I feel more and more likely
The fire cloud cave can have such a strong fire cloud, which is not necessarily targeted. How can it maintain seven layers of fire clouds all the time without the fire element?
"But this is a trial ground, and there are so many dangers. How easy is it to get the element of fire?" Although Du Yun thought of it, he could also look up.
Even if the fire element is true, this fire cloud cave must be at least the seventh floor of the fire cloud cave, so it is possible to get Du Yun’s realistic power. If you want to go to the seventh floor, it is suspected that a moth is fighting a fire.
"Anyway, take it one step at a time …" Du Yun thought for a while and finally sighed and took a deep breath again, that is, he stopped thinking about it.
Du Yun’s mind moved that advanced multiplier Fang Tian painting Ji suddenly appeared in his hand, holding this rod Fang Tian painting Ji in his hand. Du Yun felt very practical in his heart as if he were connected with the same flesh and blood.
"In that case, the fire element? I’ll call you layer by layer until I get your check. Haha …" Du Yun stepped forward and didn’t stay in place, and his heart was filled with lofty sentiments.
His left hand clenched his fist and his right hand held a three-meter-long square painting halberd and wandered on the first floor. Although he can now stand on the fourth floor, he still wants to fight layer by layer and doesn’t want to aim high.
The sixth floor of the tower is the level of the two vice presidents. At this time, in addition to the two vice presidents, there is an old man in the small hut.
"You two old guys, Du Yun, this kid didn’t come to college for half a year, and you actually let him go to Huoyundong. If something happens, I see how you two old guys can explain to me." The old man’s mouth is a question and he is not awed by their identity.
"Ling old man, come on, Du Yun’s potential. You are not ignorant. Otherwise, how could we let him go to the fire cloud cave?" Vice President Xu is also full of gunpowder.
Another old man impressively is Lingyun, the owner of Yuelai Teahouse, who brought Du Yun to Jingwu College.
However, it is incredible that he should be able to talk to two vice presidents like this if Du Yunchang is bound to be dumbfounded.
"Well, everyone is a big age. Look at you two. You are still like children. This little guy Du Yun knows how to bear it, and what can Fuze do with him?"
"And his mysterious physique can’t be cultivated as a flower in a greenhouse!" See the old two old friends tit for tat, vice president of children shook his head, a full face of nai color.
"Xuan day pulse? You said that Du Yun’s child is a mysterious physique? " Hear children, vice president of the front lingyun is full of otherwise, but hear the back is suddenly up unbelievable to ask.
"You don’t know?" The two vice presidents asked each other in the same mouth and then saw Lingyun’s scratching his head. They glanced at each other. Finally, Vice President Tong hurriedly told Du Yun what he said after he came to the college.
After listening to Lingyun, it was also a shock. He didn’t expect Du Yun to realize the statues in two pools as soon as he entered the college, and then he was defeated by two big students again.
The science of uniting the secret realm is also not stable. When I woke up in the illusion period of prestige, Xuan Tianmai made a great surprise in Lingyun’s heart. When I saw Du Yun, I felt that he had a big future, but I never thought that I still underestimated him.
"Ha ha, I can’t believe that the old man was originally a little one in Du Ping, but now he has another one inexplicably. What do they think? I would have treated this little guy like Du Yun at the beginning. Fortunately, Du Ping has a vision! " Lingyun heart andao wry smile at the same time.
Xuan Tianmai’s physique is a rare occurrence among hundreds of millions of people. Everyone who successfully awakens Xuan Tianmai has a unique advantage in practicing in the future. Thinking about these lingyuns, who have not been in turmoil for many years, can’t help but tremble slightly. Chapter 43 Flame Beast
A long time ago, Lingyun suffered a disaster and Du Ping rescued him once. At that time, Du Ping was a child, but Lingyun was mindful of this kindness.
Lingyun had promised a favor to let Du Ping help him when necessary. Lingyun never thought that Du Ping wanted him to return the favor, but it was so simple to introduce Du Yun to Jingwu College.
Although when I first saw Du Yun, I felt that the child was good, but this time I came to the tower and learned that Du Yun turned out to be the Xuan Tianmai Awakener, which made Lingyun pay no attention to it.
When three people are talking comfortably in the tower, Lingyun often quarrels with Vice President Xu, but it is not tit for tat.
Children, vice president of the eye in the heart is also a feeling that the establishment of friendship between the three of them is due to the personality of Lingyun and Xu, vice president.
Although they wrangle with each other, the more they feel, the deeper their feelings are. It can be said that the three of them can have such deep feelings. After all, they wrangle with each other, and Vice President Tong is always a good man to comfort the two, so as to get friendship.
Du Yun, a fire cloud cave, held a square painting halberd in one hand and clenched his fist in the other. He looked around with vigilance, and everything in his eyes was a strong flame, but he was white, and there was a violent smell in the flame.
The fire cloud cave is very big, and it is not full of flames, but compared with a small fire, it occupies 90% of the territory.
Traveling in the fire, Du Yun always has to run the mysterious vein to decorate himself with a defensive net made up of spiritual force. He tried these flames, although they didn’t hurt him, but they also burned his body faintly.
"Hey!" After Du Yun walked for more than ten meters, suddenly there was a fierce beast roar around him.
Du Yun looked up and saw that it was a huge and fierce beast. His body was filled with strong flame breath, and layers of fire clouds were intertwined by flames, and he wore it like armor.
Its hooves trample on flames, its head is as big as a bell, and the smell of flames is surging all over it, making it a pair of two big eyes that are not angry and arrogant.
Flame beast’s mouth is very generous, but it’s not long. It’s like staring at Du Yun with a bitter enemy, as if trying to swallow him up.