[7] 【 Frozen mood 】

When you enter the ice forest, the cold around you will blow on your face. Although Ye Han is a cold practitioner and has a strange cold body, he still has some fears about the cold around him [,ka$nzw]
The periphery of the ice forest can’t give him this feeling, but now his position is deep in the ice forest, and his shadow realm is somewhat overwhelming here.
Naturally, it’s just a feeling. Although he adapted to the surrounding cold, he didn’t fall to the point of being eroded by the cold. With the help of the star cold tactic power, he could still resist the cold.
It is the cold that can resist the memory that has never been cut off from his heart, but it makes him suffer. Although the cold outside is enough to distract him, he is not really distracted. On the contrary, everything he experienced is still vivid at the moment.
And these memories are not only left in this ice forest, but also him. All his life experiences seem to come to mind at this moment, which makes him almost unbearable.
In the first act, it was that he was in the situation of learning from a teacher, but it was that his mind flashed by without stopping, as if all that was a passing thing and failed to arouse his memories.
The only thing that remains in his mind is hesitation. Ye Rou spent a good time together, from recognition to familiarity until finally falling in love. All this seems to be yesterday.
Later, due to family reasons, the two men had to separate and endure the pain of their lovers and others getting married until it triggered all the experiences in Houlie Yuancheng. During this period, he met Yan Xin again and got attached.
Later, it was that drinking dragged the body cold, solved the cold crisis, and had to marry Lengling, and finally Lengling’s husband and wife loved each other and experienced the ice field experience.
In this experience, he and Lengling have achieved long-term success and deep affection for each other. Although there is pain, they can’t reach the happiness glacier after all, and Lengling got pregnant.
Naturally, there is another big gain in this, that is, he got the cold jade and became the second star bearer after cold ling.
Therefore, it has become one of the most important turning points in his life.
Because of this ice field experience, he has improved a lot, but in the end he was seriously injured and comatose by Yuan beast because of some minimal misunderstanding.
It turns out that this is an end point of his life. He once thought that he was attacked by Yuan beast, but he was saved by Yan Xin.
After the initial recovery from serious injury, they returned together, but they lost Yan Xin’s place in confusion because of eating ice fruit by mistake in the small forest of the ice sheet, which triggered a lingering feeling of resentment.
Then the complex cold ling Yan Xin, who was injured by Yan Xin, asked his lover to see him again in the fierce Yuan City. He did not hesitate to rush into the Yan family at night, but Ye Rou was injured by her during the war, and his body and mind were injured again.
In the future, it was that Yan Ling Jade Xiao was born with a mission, and Ye Rou got the third successor in Yan Ling Jade’s mission.
Unexpectedly, this time it meant that Ye Rou’s husband Yan Xuan died. After his death, Ye Rou once had emotional entanglement with Ye Han and finally returned to Ye Han’s side.
But it turns out that all this has finally come to fruition at this moment, but I don’t know that everything is just not only painful, but also emotional is a new end.
And this new thing is to pin Ye Rou’s grandfather Ye Di’s rebellion. Because of this rebellion, Ye Rou was in a dilemma between family and love. She flatly chose to leave Ye Han to avoid deepening the pain.
"What? Why would I bring them so much pain? "
I think that I hurt this woman who loves me so much at will on the night I got married. In the end, although the pain was relieved, it became the one who hurt her by myself.
Although he suffered no less injuries than these before, it was his own injury after all, and it was not caused by Lengling. He could not hurt Lengling himself.
So he felt that all this was his own fault, and he hurt Lengling and this person who loved him deeply.
Yu Yanxin, not to mention the misunderstanding of Binglingguo because of love, although the emotion did not cause her too much harm, it made her suffer a lot of unnecessary pain.
For Ye Rou, it may be that he was hurt more. Because of her emotional entanglement, he suffered too much pain and eventually almost died by breaking the meridians. Fortunately, he finally turned to danger and realized Yuan Dao.
Naturally, he can’t deny that he did give her a lot of damage to Ye Rou, and that damage is nothing more than grandpa’s hatred, which finally made him feel unbearable in family and love.
Thinking back on all this, his heart is very painful. He should be a cold eclipse and die. His fate should be avoided to hurt others, but because of a change, he eventually became a victim of others.
All this forced him to take all the blame on himself, and he thought it was himself, which caused these injuries to them.
But he never thought that he did harm to them, but he also gave them happiness in response.
Maybe it’s not that he didn’t think of this, but that he decided that all the injuries were not these, which could make up for the injuries he had suffered, but they were eventually eliminated even though he tried to hide them.
"Am I wrong? But where am I wrong? "