In front of the maid-in-waiting, even Xin slowly looked up and took a careful look at Yang Night. Suddenly, there was something familiar in her eyes. She was surprised, puzzled, unbelievable or unclear. Her eyes were always stunned.

Of course, Yang Ye saw this detail. He smiled and asked softly, "What’s your name?"
Maid-in-waiting even Xin also stared at Yang night and looked at her mouth, but she didn’t dare to neglect the light and replied, "My adult handmaiden’s name is Niannu."
"Niannu?" Yang night one leng this name how did he feel a little familiar with is surprised? Maid-in-waiting even xin and looked up at Yang night eyes surprised and excited this time in the eyes become really up!
Yang night in the mind is also a little surprised from even xin eyes he felt even xin recognized him! That is to say, even Xin still knows him!
"Niannu, pass your arm." Yang night saw that even Xin recognized him, and his heart was also excited, but Tang Xuanzong was surrounded by too many eyes and ears behind him, which meant that any good tricks would continue to be played.
Maid-in-waiting even jasmine hesitated to raise her hand and pass it to Yang night. Her lips moved and her eyes gradually turned red.
Yang Ye hurriedly grabbed Yi Xin’s hand and touched it randomly, then pretended to be played by a force. "Ah!" I leaned back and didn’t loosen my hand. Then I leaned back and reacted. I dragged her into my arms and shouted, "Where can the Uber escape?"
Mouth so cried out, even xin has been Yang night a hug in his arms Yang night quickly stick even xin ear down and said, "even xin whether you recognize me or not, don’t zhang! Wait till I take you away! Now you just pretend to be very scared! "
Even Xin was gently pushed by Yang night at the same time, and then her eyes became more and more red and tears flowed out. Her lips trembled but she didn’t shout out after listening to Yang night talk.
Yang night looked at her pitiful look, and it really hurt her, but she pressed her shoulder and shouted, "Get down on your knees!" "
Even Xin is surprised that she has been kneeling on the ground by Yang night. All this makes even Xin involuntarily and gently "ah".
Yang night after taking the opportunity of even fragrance neck gently knead even fragrance immediately blue to soft paralysis lying on the ground all strength up.
Yang night turned to the steps in front of Yan Xin Temple, and Tang Xuanzong fuels "pursuit! This girl is the ghost girl called for the imperial concubine! "
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Chapter two hundred and fourteen "A little parting is better than a wedding"
Yun Xin has been sleepwalking for months, and she doesn’t know what she has experienced. The only impression is that everything changed when she opened her eyes again, and she returned to ancient times!
Even Xin is not stupid to that extent. She knows that it should be impossible, but in a trance, she remembers something about black holes when time goes back. Could it be that when she was sucked in, the black holes traveled to a long time ago?
When I opened my eyes, I was dressed as a handmaiden, which frightened even Xin. I didn’t know who I was, and I knew that I had an empress, an emperor, a bodyguard, eunuchs and several maids and sisters around me
Soon, even Xin found out that it was the Tang Dynasty, but it was unbelievable, but everything was true. I didn’t cry, and I was alone here. I can live according to the way I went to this dynasty for the time being, and slowly figure out what was going on before making plans.
Even Xin is still strong. Although she is spoiled, her character is that she can’t do things that don’t lose her life.
It’s simple to say, but it’s still a long process for Uniform Xin to adapt to and accept this life. In this process, Uniform Xin has gradually become familiar with the surrounding areas, such as Tang Xuanzong, Yang Guifei, and many people and things around her.
Since childhood, she has always been served by others. Now it is really a torture for her to serve Yang Guifei every day, from getting up early before dawn to dressing up in silk scarves and adjusting the washing water of the Guifei to learning needlework early, such as putting fruit in a jar and raising fish every day. I can’t eat enough, and I’m afraid I’ll show my humility when I wait on the empress again, and then I’ll talk, walk, smile, lie down and so on.
And a little carelessness will attract the maid to beat and scold. That’s really cheating and even kicking. Where did you get this? Growing up, my father and brother never touched her finger, so I was so angry that I resisted.
Just kidding! I’ve heard that ladies-in-waiting have been beaten and scolded. Do you dare to resist? Even Xin got a more severe punishment until she was stunned by several maids and then went into the dark room.
This is another month. I have a meal every day to eat and drink in Lazar’s dark room. Such great torture makes Yunxin on the verge of collapse. In the end, I don’t petition, I understand my fate and have no illusions.
After being released again, Shunxin is much more clever and hard-working. All maids should learn everything carefully, that is, to avoid being beaten and to live well in their current living conditions.
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One day, after the imperial concubine empress went to bed, she kept her eyes glazed over outside the bedroom, looking at the moonlight, thinking about the good life in the past, and she couldn’t help but burst into tears, thinking that the eldest lady of Nanrong family had become an ancient court by mistake, bullying the maids. What a creation!
It’s really like this. Many things are always lost before I know how to cherish Uniform Xin. I made a wish to go home in the moonlight, but I don’t know when I got what I wanted …
So sad and fragrant, looking up and crying in front of the bedroom door alone, sang a song to "Who sent brocade to the wild goose in the cloud when the moon was full and the flowers flowed from the west wing? A kind of lovesickness, two worries, can be eliminated before eyebrows and hearts …"
This song "The Moon is Full in the West Building" is a favorite song of Yun Xin. When he and Yang Yeshou watched the moon together, they also hummed the song. After singing, Yang Yexin looked at Yun Xin and said, "You were so cute when you sang this song! I didn’t expect you to have such a lady side! "
Since then, Yun Xin has set this "Full Moon West Building" as her own title song.