"Sue family old original don’t agree, after all, Su Yi but now Gu Guogong house alone mistress has also been recognized by the family; But then Sioux City designed a clan old man in Su Jiazhong to kill someone by accident and keep his own clan old, so he had to agree. "

Qin Ruiwen’s expression is still deep, and his eyes are getting more and more dim. That kind of hidden anger may break out at any time makes both of them feel tight.
"Is there such a thing?"
"Well, in the process of finding out, Mrs. Gu also sent someone to Li Cheng Su’s house to see if it was going to attack Mrs. Gu." She Zhuo suddenly seemed to think of something with her head down. "In addition, she chose to meet a woman when she traveled to Linchuan this time."
Don’t care about these Qin Rui; SheZhuo nature also white hurriedly say that finish "the woman with amber Hou daughter Liu Manting looks almost exactly the same, so specially checked Liu Manting was amber Hou Fu backyard ancestral temple did not go out all day, but the woman appeared but some … At the beginning, Mrs Amber Hou was not twins."
"oh? Is there such a thing? " Qin Rui is a bit interested.
End next to john young low head eyes turn fast "although things have the same people are similar, but the female LiuManTing looks too … if they don’t even others won’t believe"
"In those days, I should have inherited the title of Amber Hou and left a woman after Liu Shian’s sudden death …" She Zhuo carefully looked up and saw Qin Rui one eye and then bowed her head. "Just like Miss Gu guessed that Liu Hongyan might not be Liu Shian’s daughter’s identity in those years …"
Qin Rui corners of the mouth oblique hook "Chubi thoroughly investigate"
What does Shezhuo like best about checking other people’s secrets?
"But before this, Su Yi’s life story will be found out, and Gu Guogong’s house will not be peaceful." Qin Rui sighed heavily.
"Well, people came to the news that they had screened out the family that lost their daughter, and Mrs. Gu’s appearance was compared with the last seven. They were stepping up their investigation." She Zhuo looked serious
"I want the result as soon as possible!"
Guguo gongfu Qingfeng building
Mr. Su sits, and Mrs. Su looks rather pale. Sioux City sits left, and Qian Shili stands beside him, sobbing constantly. Opposite him are Su Cen, Su Meng and Su Yao, three elder brothers.
"Boo hoo" Qian’s nails have been pulled out and his fingers have been bandaged; Tears keep flowing at the moment.
"If you cry, you will know to cry!"
Sioux City was upset by her crying, so she opened her mouth and shouted at him, "I know that Gu Jinxi is the future princess Rui, and you still dare to treat her hand badly. Don’t get us into trouble."
"Sioux City, do you have a conscience?" Qian gnashed her teeth.
"I have no conscience. If I have no conscience, I will allow you to drag it to Jing Zhaoyin. Don’t forget that Aunt Gu Huai died in Jing Zhaoyin’s prison." Sioux City also raised.
Su Cen kept his head down and his hands clutching the armrest of the seat. "Mom and Dad, you should all say less."
"And you, how dare you … you …" Sioux City stared at Su Cenyang’s hands.
Su Cen held his head high and looked like a dead pig was not afraid of scalding water. "Dad, I did this at the beginning, but you agreed."
"Hum, you agree with things yourself and want to blame my daughter. No way!" Although Qian is not a good bird, she is very protective of her two daughters, especially Su Cen, who has invested a lot of expectations; Thought of here, her tears came out again and she sat down. "Oh, hey, why am I so miserable? My sister-in-law bullied my niece and bullied me. Now Xianggong won’t let go of my daughter. I won’t live!"
"That’s enough!"
Father Su finally stopped listening.
"…" Qian’s smell speech immediately got silent and turned to look at Sir Sue’s eyes, which seemed to be full of fear.
"Grandfather" Su Cen pursed his lips.
"Kneel for me!" Sue’s father shouted at Su Cen and others.
Su Cen bite a tooth "grandpa I …"
"kneel!" Sue father looks ugly to the extreme.
Su Cenfa could kneel down. Grandpa Su turned to look at Su Yao and Su Cen. "And you all kneel down!"
"Grandpa, we …" Su Yao and Su Meng glances.
"Hum, don’t, I didn’t know you Liangdu did those good things." Father Su gnashed his teeth. If he didn’t know clearly what they had done, he had to come to Liangdu in old bones himself, but this happened on the first day.