At this moment, two people feel a cold and busy chest at the same time and look into their chest.

Be a darling. It’s really me this time.
"Ah …"
Two screams rang out in unison, and two figures also fell towards the party at the same time.
Even when they fell, they all saw each other’s figure. In addition to consistent pain, the two faces also showed a trace of horror.
This actually killed two people at the same time …
Fortunately, after all, it didn’t become their reason to live. When fighting for it, Ye Han directly cast his sword tactic and took their lives.
"Ah …"
Another scream to Laner’s side has also cleaned up the enemy.
"It seems that I still won!"
See this situation Ye Han satisfiedly smiled at the blue son said.
"Hum, I won by my own swordsmanship, or I will definitely win today!"
Gave Ye Han a white look. Laner knew he had lost, but he was still full of anger and snorted.
"Hey, hey, you can’t blame me, but I said I would give you the amount of swordsmanship because you didn’t want to learn it yourself!"
Ye Han also you’re welcome to continue to take out your own swordsmanship. Hum, didn’t you just look down on my swordsmanship? Do you regret it now?
"Kill people without blinking!"
Being said by Ye Han, Laner felt a little indefensible, but at that time she still didn’t want to lose, so she found a reason to defend herself.
"Aren’t you?"
Ye Han despised the blue son. This girl kills people harder than herself. She even said that others kill people without blinking. Did you kill people and blink?
"I’m not like you. I blink a lot!"
Laner definitely denied Ye Han’s words that he blinked when he killed himself.
Ye Han smell speech was completely speechless. This girl was really malicious. It seems that she can’t beat her.
Is this girl transsexual?
Recalling the situation of knowing Lan as a child one day ago and comparing it with another, she can’t help but give birth to such an idea in Ye Han’s heart.
Well, it must be so. This girl must have changed sex, otherwise what personality difference would be so big?
"Have no words? If there is nothing to say, then I won! "
See Ye Han didn’t quarrel with yourself again. Laner couldn’t help exulting in his heart and announced his victory.
"Well, I’ll give up and make trouble with you. I don’t think I can survive today!"
Ye Han is so angry. He never thought that he would be humiliated by a girl who said that she was angry. This is absolutely a shame.
Hum, one day I will make you honest with me, so when and how is another matter.
At this moment, Ye Han gave up, but he had a determination in his heart, such as finding the lost face himself.
"Why are you looking at me like that?"
I feel that Ye Han’s eyes stay in his chest and Laner suddenly turns white. When he looks at him, he must have had some evil thoughts again.
"Ahem … Now that the enemy has been destroyed, let’s move on!"
Ye Han doesn’t want to have any verbal arguments with Laner. He wants to live a few more years, but he can change the subject.
"Hum …"
Blue son left the pie mouth and didn’t care if he liked it. It didn’t hurt anyway.
Blue son is bent on Ye Han, trying to pity a good girl without knowing that she has been calculated by Ye Han.
"Let’s go!"