Then he laughed, "But you have no evidence, Imperial concubine."

There is no evidence …
Feng shallow calm mind corners of the mouth with a cold arc chuckled "so you admit it?"
"What if I admit it?"
Flow sunseeker careless smile "poison and I didn’t personally, I just gave yee princess something left over, that’s all yee princess did"
Then she calmly walked past Feng Shao.
However, for a second, it was suddenly blocked by Feng Shao, and the way forward was flustered. "Empress is blocking me now. What do you want? If there is no evidence, can’t the empress be lynched? "
She looked straight at Phoenix without fear.
Phoenix shallow more won’t be afraid of her eyes color LengLi thin lips light qi "I don’t want evidence 479 Chapter 479 Phoenix shallow you can’t do this to me!
At a pity sunseeker face suddenly changed.
What do you mean, no evidence?
Does this crazy woman really want to lynch?
But in a second, Feng Shao acted directly to tell Xie Sunseeker that she was really a crazy woman regardless of the consequences.
"Do you believe that I can live well even if I kill you?" She spoke slowly and slowly, calmly and indifferently, as if she were discussing what to eat for lunch today.
"Didn’t you say that if I moved your emperor, I wouldn’t let it go? In that case, why don’t you take a good look at whether the emperor will send me to accompany you after you die? "
"Feng Shao, you can’t do this to me!"
I don’t know if her face is too calm and pity Sunseeker is really scared by her, and her legs and feet are soft and scream.
I’m not afraid of her, but I’m healthy and agile.
"Hey phoenix shallow?" Phoenix shallow opposing her words again.
"Dare to call the palace by name! You have to give you at least ten more slaps before you die. "
"You … you …" For a moment, Pity Sun was right. She suddenly turned around and ran away. Feng Shao suddenly raised a high profile. "You can come out and tie her up to the palace!"
One second, five little eunuchs suddenly came running not far away to see the pity sunseeker’s face changed.
"Feng shallow you this is premeditated!"
"No matter how premeditated the palace is, it can’t compare with your pity."
Phoenix chuckled, "Although the palace doesn’t like to make trouble on weekdays, it is indeed a kind and gentle person, but it has always been hard to hurt the imperial palace."
Flow sunseeker anger repeatedly turned over several supercilious look, how can there be such a shameless person!
Phoenix shallow corners of the mouth are gradually dyed with a smile, clean and thorough, charming and bright. "People don’t make me, I don’t make prisoners. You see, all the women in this harem are so annoying, but even Huafei, who once slapped me, is not living well? Have I ever made things difficult for her except that the emperor punished her? "
Phoenix shallow watching flow sunseeker ran half was caught back directly rope tied to the beautiful face because of anger and urgency and strongly twisted unexpectedly end gives birth to something ugly.
"Phoenix shallow you die a natural death! You should treat me, and the emperor will never let you go! You … "
Before she could say the last words, a little eunuch gestured to put a piece of cloth in her mouth, and all the scolding became a scream.
"You shouldn’t have moved your brain to my child."
Phoenix slowly took out a small gourd from her sleeve and shook it in her hand. Her eyes narrowed slightly against the rising sun, and a complex emotion flashed through her eyes against the light.
"What should I do if the Empress receives it?"
"This evil handmaiden has just made rude remarks to the palace, and you have heard that the palace is disrespectful to the Lord. Should it be like punishing the palace?"
"It’s a slave!"
Then see flow sunseeker pupil shrinks shook his head and struggled desperately.
But in the end, it still can’t escape the slap.
I don’t know how long it took until the cheeks on both sides of the flow sunseeker were red and swollen, and then I raised my hand to stop them.