As soon as they find out the situation, they need a car to check it out (of course, they find that the situation is absolutely false, and it may be a night traveler’s night walk)

Second, if you find any movement, you should check it in the trunk (this is also very possible. Although he and Zhang Yi try to keep a low profile, few people can correctly estimate their strength and movement)
If it’s the former, it’s a great time for them to get out of the trunk. If it’s the latter, they can sit still and try to catch turtles in a jar!
The waves listened to the two small Japanese sounds in the cab with vertical ears.
It is clear and audible that the middle tone in the cab comes over because of the reduction of the motor stop sound.
"There’s a figure right ahead. Stop here and go and have a look."
"You come to my place with a gun to watch the car. I’ll go there as soon as something happens."
"Fuck you! Why don’t you go to see the old man because you are a coward? I still have to look at the car here! "
"Can you drive? If it’s the killer, you can’t drive, and both of us will die. "
After two days of swearing and arguing, I was afraid that no one would take the job alone, and finally I decided to pull over and see the situation at the same time.
The waves are so happy that they can come out as soon as they leave the car.
Two Japanese men ran timidly down the road with pistols to search for the figure.
When the waves heard the footsteps of two small days getting farther and farther, he lifted up and took out the black silk thread around his waist, inserted it into the keyhole of the trunk, and fiddled with a key, and the trunk responded.
The cool night is fresh and fresh, so that the two of them can breathe greedily!
The waves first came to undress Zhang Yi, then took off his pants and let Zhang Yi wear his pants.
Zhang Yi shyly put on his coat and looked at the waves. His naked face turned red and said, "Are you cold?"
"Not afraid!" The waves can’t help but say, "I’m used to streaking naked and I’m not at ease with this little thing."
"I am used to streaking naked?" Chapter in accordance with the curious asked naive stare big eyes.
"Oh, well, before I went to prison, I spent some time in the cultural circle. When I wrote more than 100,000 words on the 17K network, I asked the editor to seal it. He refused to give it, so I kept running naked for several weeks before giving me a pair of shorts and a push!" The waves laugh badly.
Zhang Yi’s eyes were wide open and he didn’t know whether the waves were true or not. He was just about to ask carefully. The waves suddenly said, "Those two small days are coming back."
Zhang Yi quickly crouched in the shadow of the car and whispered, "Why don’t we take this opportunity to go?"
The waves also hid in the shadow of the car, and Zhang Yi put a pistol on all his clothes to put in black socks.
-* * wearing black shorts, black shoes and black socks with a pistol in them. Cool shape! ! !
While talking, the waves crouched behind the car and stared at the approaching two Japanese figures while pulling out their guns from the black socks-this is waiting for chic! ! ! Awesome! ! !
"go? It’s not that easy! I won’t be cheap. I won’t kill two people in these two days. I’m sorry for the anti-Japanese martyrs who fought and died in the battlefield that year! "
In the night, Zhang Yi still saw the waves hanging over her face, and she shivered. The man who was gentle and kind just now was so cruel when facing the enemy. She really couldn’t see through this man more and more!
Two Japanese people came back swearing, so it was a trip and they met a nocturnal psychopath.
Two small days ago, I just approached the car, and the waves suddenly rose from behind the car. If the hell kills God, it suddenly emerges from the ground.
Imagine a * * naked man suddenly jumping out of a dark face with a gun pointed at you in the middle of nowhere. What do you think?
The waves are full of murder, and they are approaching and holding guns without saying a word-repeating! ! ! !
Four shots-hit two small Japanese eyebrows and chest respectively, and the guns will kill you without mercy!
Two small days didn’t come to draw a gun, and both of them died, and they were thrown into the wilderness by the waves.
The waves are gone, and the Tian car is pulling the sexy and charming Zhang Yi away …
The waves are not lying down, but leaning over the chest. Although he is extremely carnival, his mind is still clear and he can quickly judge other situations.