Chapter three hundred and forty-six "hundreds of enemies"

Crystal family Rossi, a timid man who has changed the wind, came to answer Yang Ye’s question very seriously, but he didn’t expect to name a person in his own mind, which made this powerful and terrible ghost orphan suddenly change his face!
Crystal family Rossi frightened her face and took a quick white look at Yang Ye. Her mind quickly replayed the famous orc, the shadow clan, the tomcat, the scale clan, Xiao Long, the flower clan, the golden clan, and the evil clan, Pei, who suffered from the smoke clan, the star clan, the stone clan and the bone clan, for the night imperial autumn … Is it … Rossi Zheng quickly asked in a low voice, "Who did you ask, Lord Red Bi?"
Yang night leng eyes gently nodded, but at that time still slow.
Night royal autumn? Bone clan night royal autumn? Is that him? Is it really him?
Such a name is strange and familiar to Yang Ye, close and far away. He has already learned such a name long ago, and this name has become a sensitive point in Yang Ye’s heart and a sore point that he can’t touch in the future.
Step by step closer to the truth, Yang Ye gradually learned that this night Imperial Autumn was inextricably linked with himself. Anyway, he was the elder brother of Nanrong Phantom who was attacked by the bone clan at night, and Uniform Xin was his wife, Nanrong Phantom was his elder brother. Besides, he and Mrs. Yang belonged to the bone clan, and Mrs. Yang faced up to her first relative, so this night Imperial Autumn also had some ties with him.
And these are not important. Yang night is almost this night. Yuqiu used to be a blue demon to cut his lover!
How could he …
"Still alive? Is Yu Qiu still alive at night? " Yang night some compulsively turned to stare at the crystal family rossi big asked.
Rosie was so scared that she shook her eyes and explained, "Yes, Lord Red Bi’s bone clan is still alive at night. I have seen him with my own eyes!"
"But … isn’t he already dead?" Yang night hurry to say this sentence to this moment he worried too much.
Yu Qiu is still alive at night. What about me and Lan Yao? What if the blue demon cuts him? Besides, Yu Qiuxian is the Lord Sihao’s side tonight. What’s going on? Do you want me to face the night royal autumn? Want me to kill him? What would Lan Yaojian think? He is Nan Rong’s brother! Will Nan Ronghuan hate me? And will Mrs. Yang stop me? I, I really want to take this night imperial autumn as an enemy?
Rosigan didn’t know what Yang Ye was thinking. He saw Yang Ye with an anxious face.
And his eyes burst out as red as fire, which made Rossi turn pale and shake like chaff.
"Yes … yes, when Red Bi’s adult had a war between the ghost family and the evil family, it was said that the night imperial autumn of the bone family was also involved and had been killed by the hidden blade of the ghost family." Rossi explained in a panic, only to find that he had just spoken and made Yang Ye’s expression even more angry, so that he almost cried and shook his voice quickly and continued to explain, "But it seems that no one except the Lord and the big domain owner saw the hidden blade kill the night imperial autumn! And recently, Yu Qiu suddenly appeared in the domain leadership hall. I was surprised when I saw him, but … but he really didn’t die! " Mobile phone access арㄧбс n
Yang night’s head roared in waves, and it was a little confusing and vague. He thought about the reasons and consequences, but everything was unclear.
Bones are alive at night! And is likely to become his own enemy. What is more surprising than this?
Yang night face a little bit dark up tightly sipping his lips no longer.
Next to crystal family Rossi, I dare not say more, trying to follow the speed of Yang night, but my heart is a little hard. This ghost clan red dagger around me is already slowing down and accommodating myself. Otherwise, as he has just made moves at that speed, even at this time, accelerating his own speed alone can cut off his body!
After a while, Yang Yexian felt something, and turned to ask crystal family Rossi, "Hey, how far is the domain leader?"
"It’s just ahead," Rossi said, awkward and reluctant.
"What’s the matter?" Yang night naturally noticed Rossi’s expression and eye changes and continued
Rossi hesitated for a moment, as if to summon up great courage and look at Yang Yeqing and said, "Red Bi Lord knows that you will send us crystal family Self-Defense Forces to find you now … We are close to the domain leader, and he will know that he will send more powerful officials to deal with you. I am afraid …"
"Are you afraid of death?" Yang night said coldly
Rossi hesitated to lower his head and slowed down. "I learned your strength and wanted to be loyal to you and help you, but my strength and current situation …" Rossi also deliberately glanced at his brokeback. "I’m afraid it will be a burden to you."
Look around crystal family Luo Xiyang night already felt angry and disgusting, at the same time, the in the mind is probably clear about what you have to face the whole domain, the so-called lords, all races in the whole domain are a kind of mentality, beliefs and ideas.
What do you choose when a person is not worth dying for but is forced to listen to him under pressure?
The answer is zhe to protect himself.
Thinking of fierce looking up, Yang night clearly saw the rolling lines looming in front of the distance! After flying for such a long time, the whole domain is dark and fuzzy, and the orientation is unclear, but it is obvious that the place that appears in front is the leader of the domain in Rossikou, and it is also the only place in the domain where you can see the light and edges.
"Is it there?" Yang night raised my hand and pointed to a line mark in front.
Crystal family rossi quickly nodded "is! There wait a master like a cloud red Bi adults still have to be careful, I think … "