"It turns out … I don’t know him at all." I can’t help feeling guilty in my eyes. No wonder he is so cold and violent. It turns out that he is also like this. It is impossible to want to keep the root in such an environment.

"Ow ——" Suddenly Ye Xiong, who came not far away, immediately asked coldly in front of Xi Hu, "What’s the matter?"
"A group of unruly wild wolves rushed out of the cage and ran out of the cage. Dr. Liu and seven instructors are taking people to chase them." A waiter rushed to report.
"Quick handling" Ye Xiong made a serious order
"Queen, I’ll send you out of here first." Ye Xiong made a gesture of please.
"Ow–"Evening listened to the fierce howl not far away, and my heart pounded and I couldn’t help speeding up the pace.
Finally, I walked out of the corridor and came to the back hall. The black Rolls Royce stopped in front of the hall, and I breathed a sigh of relief. At this moment, there was a sudden howl of arrogance in my ear. Her head was tilted and a look turned out to be a dozen fierce wolves leaping to this side …
"ah!" Evening exclaim one can retreat backwards and fall down because of panic.
"Protect the queen!" Ye Xiong blocked the evening and hit a vicious wolf in the head with one punch. The vicious wolf immediately fell to the ground and twitched for a few times, which made him unconscious. His servant also quickly made several other vicious wolves.
Just when all the wolves were controlled by them, a fierce wolf suddenly jumped from the other direction and rushed to the evening …
"Ah …" Evening frightened stare big eyes that the evil wolf was ready to bite her calf by mistake. She felt a sharp pain and a sudden spread of four feet and a terrible fear came out of her heart …
"Cut-"Ye Xiongsheng twisted the head of the evil wolf neck, and the mouth of the evil wolf was not rescued from Songxi’s leg. The maids immediately helped her to Ann’s zone, and the eyes of the evil wolf struggled greatly for a few horses and died.
Evening sat in shock, his face was as white as paper and his face was sweating. His right calf was bitten by a wolf, and some bones were exposed, which made people look shocking. Her body trembled with severe pain, and her head felt dizzy and soon passed out …
"Liu Ya, come and make a diagnosis and give treatment for the queen." Ye Xiong saw that Xi was injured and his forehead was full of sweat. King Zun specially left him to let the absolute protection of the queen An Xian Zun Wang’s front foot just left the queen’s horse and an accident happened. When King Zun came back, he would not spare him.
"Yes" Liu Ya came in a hurry. The back of his hand was full of scratches. It was injured in the process of catching a wolf just now. When he saw the wound in his leg, he couldn’t help but draw a mouthful of cold breath. A complicated light passed in his eyes and he said anxiously, "Send the queen back to the temple first."
A line of people will send the evening to the Houdian clinic, and Liu Ya will immediately make a diagnosis and give treatment for her. Ye Xiong is anxious, etc. Outside, Lengqin and several other high-level officials are coming, and everyone looks dignified. If Zun Wang knows about this, they can’t escape punishment.
"The left guardian Wang needs a minor operation on his hind leg. Please all retreat," Liu Ya said anxiously while wearing gloves.
"Good Liu Ya, remember that you must not let the queen have something or everyone will die." Ye Xiong solemnly told.
Everyone retreated to Liu Ya. Two medical staff treated the wound for Xi and gave her a drip. The wound was cleaned with poisonous water, and then when the medicine was stitched, Liu Ya sadly winked at one of the medical staff. The medical staff pretended to raise their hands at will and shook the gauze in their hands.
And this move just covered the detector. Liu Ya took this opportunity to quickly implant a chip the size of a mobile phone card into the wound of the evening leg
This line was completed in one second, and even staring at the monitoring system outside, I found something strange.
And the sickbed has been unconscious for a long time, but she doesn’t know that a small chip has been implanted in her leg, and this chip is the important key to cause an uproar!
She doesn’t know that she will be a sinner in the night!
(Please support the baby for another day. The sky-high bait Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine Short sunshine.
Evening in a daze heard finally footsteps eyes haven’t opened, I felt a flurry coming up with a slight breathing, a hot embrace hugged her tightly, but I couldn’t help but feel a little gap without affectionate words, which made Evening moved.
"Come back!" A weak voice came from her throat, which was a little dry. She was badly hurt this time. After taking care of the wound, she slept for a whole day and didn’t wake up until now.
"awake?" The statue of the king raised his head and covered his face with hot hands. There was a deep remorse in his eyes. "You were so seriously injured one day ago or injured at night …"
"Don’t always think of yourself as an omnipotent god, as if everything can control you. No, I can’t blame you." Evening scolded him and glared at him, then smiled. "I was thirsty for water."
King Zun turned and poured a cup of warm water, but drank it into his mouth instead of feeding it directly to Xi, and then blocked Xi’s lips to feed warm water into Xi’s mouth bit by bit.
After feeding a glass of water, the king’s lips are full of confusing radians. "Still want it?"
"Don’t" evening shake head face slightly hongyun.
"You’re so good, you didn’t resist." Zun Wang caressed his evening hair. "I’ll love you more if you obey."
"Ha ha, you look like a kid." Evening smiled gently and remembered seeing those terrible trainings in the afternoon base, and a wisp of bitterness could not help emerging. "Did you train like that when you were a child? I have been you don’t like it shi ACTS … "
"Like them, I have been trained step by step. There is no less and more." Zunwang smiled and stroked her long hair. "Don’t think about those who are hungry? I have people prepare food. "
"Well" evening nodded his head.
Zun Wang asked the maid to send light nutrition porridge to put the bedside table, and then let them all leave the door. His face quickly unloaded cold light and replaced it with light warmth. He personally picked up the bowl and fed porridge to Xi.
Evening is lovely and smooth, eating porridge, but her eyes are always looking at the statue of the king. I can’t help but feel a lot of thoughts in my heart. Every time he treats her well, she is more moved than attached, hoping that this moment will last forever.
But he always becomes too fast. He gets better and worse. She is often caught off guard by him.
"I will always be so good to you if you obey me, huh?" The statue of the king seems to have guessed the evening’s mind
"How to be obedient?" Evening pharynx last bite of porridge licked his lips.
"You know," Zun Wang stroked her eyes and leaned over to kiss her. "Have a good rest and I’ll be back with you soon."