"You are also good" Dugu rewelding admitted the sword light way

"Since fighting alone is not your opponent, I’m sorry!" High winds and one’s fingers itch, holding a sword and going out.
Duguteng said, "Let’s fight."
Yan Gui nodded and raised his sword.
The soldiers rushed over, and Yan Gui never moved. He didn’t have to rush the one in front of this war.
DuGuTeng also rushed to help three people rally a DuGurewelding each other incredibly also can pick up.
On this side, the soldiers rushed out to fight and shout loudly together.
In the afternoon, the high wind of Dugu rewelding, Gongsun Su and Dugu Teng were all injured. The soldiers killed more and more bravely. Seeing that Dugu’s horse was about to collapse, he suddenly shouted that he would break through from the encirclement of three people and raise his sword to retreat.
It was also his strict military discipline that almost instantly formed a phalanx and retreated while playing.
Yan Guishen has a kind of affection for him. A hero or a lean man is always a busy person. It was really fierce when I saw him today.
Take a break from victory in World War I.
Everyone bandaged the wound and got together again to discuss "it is necessary to continue to attack at this time."
"We are not familiar with other places outside Lizhou. It is not good for Cangwuzhou to attack rashly."
"Your majesty, what do you think?" GongSunSu asked.
Yan Gui looked at Du Guteng in silence and said, "Is the king in the east?"
"Here … Wang is not very familiar with the letter. Give it to my eldest brother. Otherwise, the situation will be complicated all the time." Dugu rewelding has lost no matter what his home country is, and he is afraid to turn around and continue to play in southern Xinjiang.
"That’s good. Stop for a few days again. Things are not so fast on the battlefield."
The invasion of southern Xinjiang by foreign countries is mainly due to the Dugu-rewelding war, which made southern Xinjiang difficult for a while, otherwise it would be a great country. Why would it be so simple to be beaten by a soft country? After all, the national strength of a soft country is not as good as that of southern Xinjiang.
"The king will leave his troops here, but he can’t call the king in the east. You have to be led by a prince and general Sun. What do you think?" Yangui avenue
"Good" DuGuteng saw Yan Gui for a long time before he replied.
He knows that the reason why Yan won’t give him military forces is not because he is from southern Xinjiang, but because … he is not good at it.
He is good at it, but he is much worse than GongSunSu and others.
"Wang wants to go back to Cangwuzhou to recover the city in a hurry and always relocate." When he returned to Beijing, he was ready to do a lot of things. Unfortunately, Dugu rewelding suddenly attacked and disrupted the plan and had to reschedule.
"A good king will listen to General Gong Sunsu and won’t rock the boat." At this time, it’s important not to care about the surface.
"Well, I’ll leave it to you here," Yan Gui said.
"Go with the king, flurry" thought for a moment, but flurry still needs to take it back. This battle can’t be finished for a while, so it is possible that Gongsun Su and others will keep it for several years.
"Yes," the high wind is to leave when Yan returns, but keep it anyway. No, there are other places to fight.
Later, the war here really lasted for more than a year. Of course, this is another story.
Yan Gui went to Jiangling City with a high wind and stayed for a few days. After that, Yan Gui left the high wind and went to Cangwuzhou.
To recover the city, officials should be arranged, and the original officials should also be cleaned. The so-called national economy and people’s livelihood should be carefully arranged
Although someone in the DPRK will be responsible, Yan Gui has to ask himself here. He wants to straighten things out here before returning to Beijing. Jiangling City is still around him, not only recklessly.
However, he is not going to spell the prince, but this is not the case.
He finally rushed the city military forces to the south gate in the early morning of the seventh day of May. He personally led the troops in a dragon robe.
It is very difficult for the enemy to send a high wind and PeiYuQing to parry when they are menacing.
After all, the four gates should be guarded, otherwise it will not work to break through from other places.
Yan Gui rushed to them to watch together.
It has always been a siege and guarding city, and it is rare to go out of the city and not to play outside the city.
Three days later, the prince of Yan attacked, but there was no sign of weakness. If he attacked the gate, he would be killed.
The people in Jiangling city are actually not returning to Yan, but the people have denounced the towers.
It can be seen that the prince stuck here and did a lot of good things.
For the people, Yan Gui can’t make the punishment endure.
Xu had called the people to siege at the sight of the prince, and the soldiers were in a difficult position.
"So go so good? This Jiangling city is also a big city. How can people fight like this? " High winds eager way
At the end of the "report" PeiYuQing hand "will be willing to personally make …"
Sometimes people can’t do it without killing …
"Don’t have to the king is not afraid of this notoriety! Have people impact … kill forgive "Yan to 55 chapter 55 notoriety.
Pei Yuqing executed the first batch of beheaded people.
No matter what kind of government, there are always a group of people who are stupid and loyal to Jiangling and have belonged to the prince for so long that they have forgotten that it used to be Dayin’s land.
However, those who are not afraid of death are still less willing to take the initiative to attack after slaying a batch.