"It’s half a year. I think half a year is enough for you."

Yan Hong didn’t answer, but picked up the photo again and looked at it carefully as if he wanted to see something from it.
quite a while
"Day brought him to my company I want to see …" Yan Hong said gently.
It was at this moment that Elena saw an undisguised look in his eyes. Elena was too familiar with that look because it was called’ vicissitudes’ …
Chapter soul returns to hometown
Things are often unexpected. Wu Liang walked into Yan Hong’s office building in Manhattan Commercial Street with his heart set on death. He didn’t see the’ guest’ immediately after receiving him. He was another oriental man who claimed to be Yan Hong’s secret. Wu Liang could vaguely feel a cold breath. Although the man looked very handsome, his black eyes flashed with a cold luster. Although he deliberately let his mouth smile with a gentle smile to ease his nervousness, he didn’t know that Wu Liang’s eyes immediately won the title of Grandma Wolf.
"Hello, my name is Elance Joe O ‘Connor …" Wu Liang politely reported his current name although he was not used to this awkward name.
"Nice to meet you …" I quietly looked at this beautiful boy by shaking hands politely. As Elena said, this boy is simply the best candidate’s appearance, temperament, image and age … In any way, he completely meets Yan Hong’s requirements. He believes that this boy in his plan with Yan Hong can definitely become the most wonderful and unexpected chess. This is also what he felt when he saw the photo of this boy there. He is as white as Elena. What would Yan Hong say?
Those eyes with different colors are really incongruous-it’s a bay of autumn water, it’s a deep valley and a cold pool, which is silent and full of mystery and coldness, but full of vitality, as if it can cover all the right and wrong in the world. That kind of eyes should never appear in a 16-year-old boy, even those who have experienced life and death. Maybe those monks and veterans who pursue heaven in the mountains of China will have this kind of insight and generosity.
It’s really a headache to have such a pair of eyes, but it’s a headache. He and Yan Hong need to be a 16-year-old boy with obvious mixed blood between China and Europe, and this boy must be able to completely accept their control, because there is a huge storm of competition for profits in Manhattan’s upcoming Chinese commercial port, but the best person in front of him clearly tells them that once he enters this plan, he will definitely bring them unnecessary trouble, because he is not a manipulable doll but a wise man who looks on coldly … The distance between them is definitely not a good choice.
Non-hesitation didn’t last for a long time. An urgent message rang in the office. It was Yan Honglai. It was very simple. For example, the trend of bringing people to Yan Hong in just eleven words was irresistible. Maybe Elena might find a second candidate, but the Chinese commercial port had no patience to wait for the fact. When Yan Hong was temporarily called by the Chinese commercial port Committee this morning, Fei and Yan Hong had guessed that there was not much time left for them, but they didn’t expect things to develop so quickly. Now he and Yan Hong have no choice unless they are willing to give up the interests of the Chinese commercial port department.
"It seems difficult for you to come and try to give you some preparation … I didn’t expect that … you are really unlucky." I shook my head and picked up my coat from the hanger. The boy smiled wryly in his puzzled eyes. "Come with me and I’ll tell you what you should do."
Unlucky-what a classic word! If it’s a small black field, it will definitely make you laugh.
The way to the Chinese commercial port is not simply to explain Wu Liang’s point. Yan Hong looked for him on this trip. After understanding the cause and effect, Wu Liang’s fear of Yan Hong was finally reduced by one point, just like those golden stalls in China often broadcast TV dramas. This is a real feud between the Chinese commercial ports in Manhattan.
Manhattan Chinese commercial port was first established in the late Qing Dynasty, when the Qing government was in a state of turmoil. People lived in extreme poverty, or were persecuted by the late Qing government, or became businessmen. Many Chinese were able to find a place to settle down and venture to the American ocean liner and fled to this mainland far from home. Naturally, it is better to safeguard their own interests than to be in a foreign country. People from the same hometown naturally formed a simple mutual aid organization, which also formed the earliest Chinese commercial port.
After hundreds of years of development, Manhattan, a Chinese commercial port, has a tendency to occupy half the sky. To develop commercial companies and units in the Chinese area, they must obtain permission from the Chinese Commercial Port Committee and pay a certain amount to this Committee. Of course, this is an unwritten rule. If someone deliberately ignores it, no one will punish them. These companies will find no customers in the Chinese area and are often patronized by triad organizations until the door is closed. You must know that the Chinese Commercial Port Committee is very powerful and the arrogant underworld world in the United States is also recognized.
The Presbyterian Church, the highest person in charge of the Chinese Commercial Port Committee, is composed of six elderly people who are over 60 years old. They come from the six largest family-owned enterprises in the Chinese community. Their enterprises occupy an unshakable position in Manhattan, the United States and even the world’s commercial fields. According to the conventional practice, these six elderly people can keep the whole Chinese commercial port stable for at least ten to twenty years, but a sudden storm suddenly swept the whole Chinese commercial port because the most powerful elders in the Presbyterian Church suddenly suffered a car accident and were dying.
The elder who was involved in a car accident was Ge Linpei, the chairman of the famous American Chinese company’ Western Jin Chemical Energy Company’. This old man, who was in charge of business, was almost damaged by a dirty hospital in the car accident, but he could barely delay the life of the old man by all means. The old man had no relatives. It was originally planned that Yan Hong would become the heir to the old man after his death. This should have been 20 years later, but now it has been limited.
That’s not the worst. The worst thing is that although Yan Hong and Ge Linpei had private consultations, some people deliberately played tricks on them. Some clues were found in the diary of the old man. The old man once had an adopted daughter in Europe. Although the adopted daughter died ten years ago, the adopted daughter left a mixed-race child in Central Europe. Those people did the same thing and found a teenager. They wanted to take advantage of Ge Linpei’s death to determine the identity of the young heir, so Yan Hong would naturally be kicked out of the succession.
So Yan Hongcai was anxious to find a teenager with the same qualifications, and let the wind out that the teenager was Yan Hong’s true lover.
"If you get the recognition from Ge Linpei, then you will have the inheritance from the Western Jin Dynasty Company, and then Yan Hong will meet you to register for marriage in the Netherlands. Although the United States does not recognize gay marriage, our lawyers can guarantee that you will get the inheritance and hand it over to Yan Hong completely." If you don’t say this, Wu Liang naturally knows that he will die soon after he gets the inheritance, so even if there is no lawyer and the only person left in his body, Yan Hong is no wonder that Elena is so relieved when she investigates her physical identity.
At this moment, the non-car has also turned into Manhattan Hospital. Wu Liang clearly saw through the window that the square outside the hospital was crowded with reporters. Just looking at this posture, we can know how influential the old Mr. Gelinpei really is.
"We’ve arranged everything, you just have to watch quietly." I can’t help but ask this teenager who looks a little nervous again.
"hmm!" Wu Lianggan nodded and threw the sedative tablets in his pocket into his mouth. Now is not the time to vomit blood.
"then come with me, dear Joe." I smiled.
Wu Liang doesn’t think he can play a very important role in this non-eye. You know, lying is the most unaccustomed thing for him, but almost none of the unplanned parts involving himself are true, even though he is making his body fake in a sense at present, but as he said, it is now an arrow. He has no choice but to bite the bullet and accompany him to the end.
Following the crowd in front of the special care area, I felt that the strangers were throwing themselves at me one after another, and their eyes were shining with different meanings. Wu Liang felt that his heart suddenly accelerated ten times less. This was still unintentional to hide Wu Liang’s body behind him. Otherwise, even if Wu Liang had taken many sedatives before, he couldn’t control his rapid rise, and his fear would have risen. After all, it was the first time that Wu Liang was so focused on by so many people since he was a child.
Not with Wu Liang pushed the door and walked into the special care area, the frosted glass door was closed, and those strange eyes were stopped outside, but the scene inside the door was not much better than that outside. Although men and women dressed in black formal clothes were orderly around the aisle outside the care ward, the large aisle was full of dead silence, and occasionally a few light footsteps could be heard. What people were talking about here was that from time to time, out of the corner of their eyes, they glanced at the half-opened door of the care ward not far away, just like waiting for the final judgment.