I heard that Ye Han didn’t beat around the bush and went directly to the sidewalk. "I’m afraid it was a step late before I could come, which made Yan’s family suffer heavy losses. You can’t make any more mistakes in Ye’s family, or it will bring me big trouble!"

Hearing this Ye Han Ye Huai suddenly a surprised busy way "what’s going on? What’s wrong with this inflammatory family? Is it that Yan Qingzong wants to take the opportunity to annex them? "
Ye Han nodded noncommittally and then shook his head with a wry smile. "Let’s go back and talk about this matter first. If I expected it, someone will attack here tonight. If I leave late, it will be really troublesome!"
Ye Han is not afraid of causing trouble. The most important thing is that he doesn’t cause avoidable troubles. If he loses his life because of his negligence, he will surely blame himself. Now the Yan family has become the first one to suffer. He can’t let bad luck come to Ye Jiatou, otherwise he will lose nearly half his strength!
Ye Huai can naturally think of the family at all times. If the family loses anything, it is the loss of the whole family, not the loss of itself. It is absolutely unforgivable to let the family suffer losses if it is only one person.
And he also knows that now that Ye Han has wooed the inflammatory family and wooed himself, it must be to do something big and occupy the highest position in a family. He has long been able to understand Ye Han’s concerns, but can he not understand his difficulties?
"To tell you the truth, most of this family has been laid off now, and I have long thought that there will be today. We are going to leave early in the morning, but since you are here now, we should be ready anyway!" A little meditation for a while Ye Huai this just nodded his head a way
Ye Hanwen also nodded and then said, "Now I have asked Pinger to arrange other members of the family. I believe that the Ye family will be dismissed soon. Then please ask the second uncle to let the remaining family masters go to the family square. We must leave as soon as possible!"
"Cold son, are you thinking about leaving the law?" Think about your family, although it is not big, but there are also many experts. If you want to leave, it will be divided into several groups. But listening to Ye Han’s words, it is obviously necessary to let all the people leave together, which makes him confused.
I can hear Ye Huai’s doubts in his heart. Ye Han nodded and smiled. "I can take the road to Xingyuan City at one time in this cold forest family. Do you still think that your family will be more powerful than their two major forces?"
Hearing this, Ye Han Ye Huai was shocked for a long time before he exclaimed, "What? You mean you invited all the cold families of the northern cold forest school? "
Ye Han smell speech fudged nodded and then wry smile way "I said juwan what’s the fuss? If I don’t have enough strength, how can I do anything? "
"That’s true, but you have a husband in this cold family. It’s understandable that you can invite them, but what about the cold forest faction? What, they will come all the way with you? " Ye Huai smell speech busy ask a way again
Smell speech Ye Han busy shook his head. "I said juwan now pressed you don’t ask so much, ok? What can I do when I get to Xingyuan City? It’s estimated that Ping ‘er is almost ready now. I’ll go to the square to decorate the array first, and you’ll go and prepare to bring all the masters of Ye’s family as soon as possible! "
After listening to Ye Han’s words, Ye Huai immediately stopped talking and nodded, then shouted at the people behind him, "You heard the cold words. Let’s split up now and call all the able people in the family to the square!"
Then he turned to reassure Ye Han, who knows that Ye Han’s sight has long since disappeared from the hall. Looking around, he also saw a blue shadow flashing at the entrance of the hall and disappeared from the bottom of his eyelids. Seeing this scene, Ye Huai suddenly became one leng. Is that Ye Han? Why is this so fast?
And those family masters behind him didn’t seem to catch his previous words. Several eyes also looked towards the door of the discussion hall …
[571] [All the departments are here]
No one gave him the answer, but he didn’t want to pursue the answer. Ye Han is mysterious. Isn’t he unheard of? Nai he glared at those behind him who were also attracted by Ye Han speed. Those people felt the anger in Ye Huai’s eyes and didn’t dare to neglect everything.
Seeing that they all went to Ye Huai to do what they should do, they suddenly looked outside the hall and then shook their heads with a sigh. Before leaving the hall with their hands behind their backs, he did not forget to look back at his life. After many years of deliberation, the hall hesitated for a while before turning away.
Look at Ye Han. After leaving the meeting hall, he took his daughters to the appointed place, namely, Yejia Square. Now he has come to the square and is preparing to deploy. However, because of the lack of a Ye Ping, they can wait for her to deploy.
In a short time, Ye Ping’s figure flew in from not far away and immediately fell to the square. See Ye Han and others have put it into a seven-star array, but it has not been opened, and there is a vacancy in the seven-star array. It turns out that they are waiting for themselves.
After the white, Ye Ping didn’t dare to neglect his busy return to the seven-star position and immediately nodded at Ye Han. "Well, I’m ready to start the array!"
"Ahem … you are ready, but there are still people who are not ready. If we don’t wait for your family to arrive, what’s the point of starting the array?" Ye Han smell speech almost choked busy dry cough two times.
After listening to Ye Han’s words, Ye Ping knew that his gaffes were embarrassing. He also noticed that several figures at the entrance of the square not far away were coming towards his side quickly, and he was definitely a master of leaves home.
At this moment, one of the people in that group suddenly speeded up and in the blink of an eye, he had already come near to take a closer look. Ye Ping suddenly rejoiced that this person was not his father, but that he had not seen his grandfather Ye Geng for a long time.
"Grandpa, are you here?" Ye Pinggang wanted to shout out, but I didn’t expect Ye Han to shout out as early as he did. Naihao gave her a white look, but Ye Han continued to laugh at Ye Geng at this time. "I didn’t expect Grandpa to improve a lot!"
Ye Gengwen suddenly shook his head and sighed bitterly. "Don’t ask me about your grandfather here. Who doesn’t know that now you are a cultivation genius of our Ye family? What is your repair compared with me?"
After listening to Ye Geng’s words, Ye Han couldn’t bear a wry smile. He only had seven realms of Yuan Ying, but all the repairs were covered up because he was an astral body. Now everyone’s eyes have become extremely superior, but if you think about it, it’s better to think about it. Now the mainland has a big name. Although the aura of this extremely superior master is somewhat false, it can still scare the general practitioner. Besides, even if you meet an expert, you have less momentum to strengthen yourself!
Thinking of Ye Han, I couldn’t help laughing. "Grandpa, don’t make fun of Han Er. Now it’s urgent. Grandpa, let everyone enter the array first. Let’s talk about something when we get to Ye Jia!"
This is the Ye Family, so Ye Geng naturally said that Ye Family is the Ye Family in Xingyuan City. At the same time, he also knew that the situation was critical and he didn’t dare to neglect the busy at the Ye Family who followed behind him. "Let’s hurry into this array!"