Hey, why can’t I push it? Mom’s wrist was caught, and her oily face wanted to draw a knife again, but she couldn’t draw it. She couldn’t draw it, but she couldn’t draw it. When she was in a hurry, she swung her fist out and went to the face of the waves.

Punch out and get caught again.
Oily face, hands and wrists are caught by the waves. I just looked up and saw the waves suddenly and violently shooting out of my eyes. A cold heart was trying to get out …
It’s late A record is as heavy as a hammer, and the knee hits the oil head powder face, and the expression of the lower abdomen oil head powder face powder face changes into thousands of expressions in one second, and each expression expresses a meaning pain!
Not enough! The waves suddenly bowed their heads, and their heads were hard pressed. When the powder face was very short, it was a mixture of white and brown, and then the powder face turned into a flower, blushing and yellow, scrambling to squeeze out the red, blood yellow and snot!
The greasy face fell to the ground three meters away by this hammer, and it became a greasy face. It was extremely painful and made him feel no pain for a very short time. It seemed that there was still a little sour and spicy. His head was a little dizzy and he reached out and touched his nose. He felt extremely scared at this moment-his nose was broken!
The oily face was tortured by this fear and wanted to cry and smile. The muscles twisted in her mouth and screamed, and finally she gave a piercing cry!
It’s a long story. It’s very short in real time. When Brother Leng turned to face the waves, he saw that the situation was already that the oil-faced brother fell to the ground and shouted in terror, while the enemy was staring at Brother Leng coldly with a knife in his hand.
Brother leng froze. I don’t know if I should rush or give up.
Brother Leng didn’t have a choice-in the blink of an eye, the waves suddenly flew up, and a beautiful and sharp flying leg was kicked like a steel plate. Brother Leng Ba kicked the buffalo’s body in a somersault, flipped his head and feet in place, and landed heavily on the spot with stars …
It seems that in less than ten seconds, two stout men have fallen to the ground, face to face, broken nose and broken face to face!
The waves slowly turned around, a pair of eyes as cold as a cold star and as cool as a sharp knife stared at the man’s face with long hair and scar face and quietly said, "Do you still want to try?"
"no!" The scar-faced man Ma simply replied that he had never seen such a vicious hand, and his skill was so crisp and neat. He had been wandering around for a long time and knew that his two roots would be as bleak as his accomplices, and have it both ways Ma was soft
"Very good!" The waves said coldly, "Move the car!"
Scarface man got into his car without saying a word, started the motor, backed off the car and flashed the road.
The girl was scared to death. She had never seen such a bloody scene. Although the waves relieved her, she didn’t like this cruel, cool and handsome man at all. She thought that this man was not a good thing and a good thing wouldn’t be so vicious!
The waves glanced at the girl and said faintly, "Don’t you go because of the road?"
The girl just woke up from a rude awakening and hurried into her car to move forward.
Without looking at the waves, the three men leisurely returned to their cars, started their cars and slowly moved forward.
The girl may be a little frightened, afraid that a car will suddenly come over and collide with her like just now, and the car is not fast.
When the waves looked at their watches, there was still more than half an hour left, and they looked at him leisurely, knowing that they could find their uncle’s villa by turning the fork in front and turning left.
While the waves were thinking like this, the girl also turned left and took the small road.
The waves also turned a corner and left the small road.
This small road is narrower. The waves have to cross the girl to the front several times, but they are afraid that the road is too narrow and they will hit the car with the girl. Anyway, let’s take it slowly when there is still time.
Two cars drove slowly down the road in tandem.
Who knows, the girl’s car suddenly stopped, and in the middle of the road, she slammed the door and stormed to the waves.
The waves were a little surprised. I don’t know what happened to the girl, so I stopped the car and took a taxi window to see if the girl was coming to him.
Before the girl came near the waves, Liu Mei was tall and angry and shouted, "I told you that if you don’t want to save me, you can follow me with your eyes open. If you follow me again, I’ll call someone to break your leg!"
The waves laughed, and the girl saw that he had been following him all the time and returned him with malicious intentions.
The waves laughed. "Hey, are you kidding? This road is not built by your family. If you can walk, I can walk. What do you mean I am following you? "
The girl said angrily, "Well, you go first!"
The waves say, "I’d like to go first, but you’ve been blocking my way. How can I go first?"
The girl stopped talking, turned around and walked back to her car, pulled the car out of the road and let the waves go first.
The waves smile. This girl is very interesting. If he is not busy, he wants to take care of Doby. She is now. It is still important to get down to business.
When the waves drove the car in front of the girl and crossed the girl’s car, they also blew their horns and smiled and said hello to the girl.
The girl glared at the waves coldly and ignored him.
After the waves put the car in front of the girl, they saw another fork in the road. The intersection was a little big, so they quickly took out their mobile phones and called their uncle to ask about the way.
Three uncle listened to the current position of the waves and laughed. "You turn this intersection and turn left. There is a villa on this side that is my home."
The waves looked over and sure enough, there was a villa not far ahead, isolated from the field, saying that it was actually a farmhouse, but it was a little more luxurious.
The waves turned this corner and went to the villa. When he turned the corner, he turned around and found that the girl’s car had stopped and stopped at the fork road.
The waves don’t know what the girl is doing, but they don’t pay attention to it. They stopped in front of the villa.
His uncle had been waiting for the waves in front of the villa. When he saw the waves, the car hurriedly greeted him.
The waves laughed. "Uncle, it’s really hard to find this place. Why do you live in a place like this alone? Why don’t you live in town? "
His uncle laughed. "I came from the countryside and had a special feeling for the countryside. I didn’t like the noise in the city and bought this farm after all my money."
The waves said, "You are suitable to be a hermit. Killing in the underworld is really not suitable for you."
My uncle sighed, "I fled to the city and fell into the underworld because I was addicted to gambling. I tried to wash my hands of it several times in recent years, but once it was touched, it would be as good as poison."
The waves smiled and said, "You’re not bad. You’ve made a lot of money at the master level."
My uncle said, "I used to be a teacher. Besides gambling, I was also very divided about propriety, justice and shame before I joined the underworld and earned these ambiguous money. I was often restless in my heart. Forget it. I will go back to my hometown in a few years, and no one will find me then!"
The waves followed his uncle and they walked to the college while talking and laughing.
The colorful flowers in the courtyard are blooming, and the flowers are blowing with the breeze, which makes people feel refreshed.