Fortunately, the arrival of such a group of brothers from Zi Family greatly relieved the pain of these wounded soldiers.

When these soldiers were injured before, they always tossed about by themselves. At most, their companions helped to dress them up. I never thought they would be treated in such a grand way.
Having survived the great war made these soldiers feel different again.
Only by relying on the big family and powerful forces can they rely on it.
But almost all big families can’t look at them. Maybe the Lins are a good choice.
Lin Yu has the will to recruit them to the Lins, and they have the same idea. It is certain that these soldiers will become real Lins’ army after this battle.
Soon several of his extended families also sent many "messengers" to provide humanitarian assistance, and they also congratulated Lin Yu.
Lin Yuke didn’t mind greeting them, but without knocking them a sum of money, Lin Yu felt great. "Go back and talk to your master about this battle. I personally posted 1.5 billion spar disposal, and I don’t pit you in Lin Yu. You are divided equally among several big families."
Representatives of several big families smiled and said at the same time that they couldn’t do it. When they went back, they must convey it to the owner.
Lin Yu knew about this spar, and he decided on all the families, so he called them in this battle. Fortunately, people shouted to them, "Everyone, this battle is over. I am very grateful to you for fighting with me to the end, brother. We can remember me alive. Lin Yu promised to let them live well!"
"Every living brother, I, Lin Yu, will be compensated with 100,000 spar per person!" Lin Yu this words say export field people don’t shock Chapter 39 Income.
Lin Yu’s words can’t make them not shocked.
The injured plus can still have a total of more than 20,000 people alive, minus more than 4,000 people from Cangyu College and more than 5,000 people from Yan Long Chi Jia Wei. There are still more than 11,000 people who need Lin Yu to pay for this spar.
One hundred thousand SPAR per person, Lin Yu has to pay more than one billion one hundred million SPAR in total!
This one billion one hundred million spar, even if it is a big family, has promised to come to Dazhi Lin Yu, so how can they not be shocked?
"This bad little guy knows to blackmail our family spar and take it as a favor!" Know that Lin Yu just blackmailed the families, and some people hem and say,
But even they have to admit that if they get this spar root, they won’t give it to these lang mercenaries.
Because these lang people and mercenaries make them look worthless, and the families have paid their commissions.
Fortunately, the soldiers were not moved to tears when they heard Lin Yu’s promise.
The families gave them a commission of 5,000 SPAR each, and Lin Yu gave them 20 times more than the commission price in one breath, which would have moved people if they were not hard-hearted.
Although spar is not the only criterion to measure things, it is an important criterion.
Do you have any kindness? You can see some clues more or less from his attitude towards spar.
A generous person may not be really affectionate, but a person who is harsh on others is definitely affectionate.
"Lin Yugong, we will never accept this spar!" Someone immediately expressed his opinion, "If Lin Yugong sympathizes with us, please put us into the team of Yun He City!"
"Yes, we are willing to join the Lins on condition that we have a mouth to eat!"
Many guys who can still hold their hands are kneeling toward Lin Yu, "Please ask Lin Yugong to take them in!"
The wounded soldiers also said excitedly, "Lin Yugong, are you still willing to take in the disabled people?"
Lin Yu took a deep breath. "Since I gave the spar to Lin Yu, I will never take it back to you. You are all my comrades-in-arms who fought together with Lin Yu. Whether you are injured or not, you are willing to join the Lins and Lin Yu are willing to keep you. We can continue to fight!"
Everyone hesitated again and shouted at Lin Yugao, "Visit Sigong!"
Looking at Lin Yu’s acceptance of more than 10,000 people, even if it is not superficial, Lin Yu has to admit that Lin Yu is really good at buying people’s hearts.
At the same time, she looked at her family’s ten thousand inflammation dragons and five thousand red armor guards left, which made her feel bad.
This group of family elites paid the price of their lives in the battle of Hongye City, and some of them died in order to protect themselves, which became particularly heavy.
Looking at Yan Ruoning’s low head, Lin Yu patted the shoulder of this comrade-in-arms. "Come on, we will definitely remember what you have done here."
Although all the people came from the city of Yan family this time, Yan Long Chi Jia Wei really performed well and rushed to the front of the team. The scene of the key of their city gate always resisting the bone erosion magic oil will always be remembered in the hearts of people who took part in this campaign by Lin Yu.
It’s a pity to meet such comrades in battle even if they die in battle.
See Lin Yu so comfort yourself also clap your shoulder inflammation if coagulation looked up at Lin Yu smiled.
At this time, Yan Ruoning suddenly noticed that Lin Yu had a pair of eyes staring at himself with murderous look, so he shrugged his shoulders and said to Lin Yu, "Ahem, your jealousy altar has been knocked over."
"Uh …" Lin Yu awkwardly put his hand back from inflammation and shrank back toward purple rhyme and hey hey smiled for two.
Zi Qingyun glanced at Lin Yu and pointed to feathermoon. "Well, is this what you need to comfort?"
Feathermoon knelt where Qingluo turned to ashes, holding Qingluo’s dead black ash in his hands, and the black ash melted together as tears dropped.
Little Phoenix Xiaohong sensed her master’s sadness, and her little head rubbed feathermoon’s face affectionately and chirped straight.
According to Lin Yu’s estimation, this little guy must have apologized for "accidentally killing" his master’s sweetheart.
Lin Yu squat skill gently patting feathermoon back "cry if you want to cry …"