This shopkeeper B also said with great confidence, "There is no problem. Anyway, I think this director Song is furious. If you know that he is the deputy curator of the museum and let the museum receive such a delegation, then I don’t believe that he is in no hurry. Yesterday, Director Song also asked me to borrow antiques. I lent antiques to the museum, and I was out of my mind."

Obviously, there is also an antique in the hands of shopkeeper B that was shown by Song Jiangfeng, but at this time, shopkeeper B didn’t fall for it, but made a careless eye to prevaricate the matter.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-seven Borrowing antiques
But this Song Jiangfeng is really such a performance. The first thing I said when I met Wang Haidong was to buckle such a big hat, as if you didn’t agree or just didn’t give face to face.
At this time, the shopkeeper B proudly said, "Look at what I said. Director Song specified that he didn’t know Wang Zhanggui’s identity and knew Wang Zhanggui’s identity. Officials definitely didn’t dare to talk to Wang Zhanggui in this tone. I said, don’t default."
Song Jiangfeng’s performance is obviously not the kind of attitude of coming to Jubaoge to curry favor with Wang Zhanggui. This thing is very obvious. Song Jiangfeng is definitely looking for fault or coming with a high official attitude. He doesn’t know what kind of identity Wang Haidong is. Otherwise, he is absolutely afraid to talk to Wang Haidong in this tone.
Shopkeeper A is very sorry to say, "What’s the matter these days? I’m really not afraid of being killed by Wang Haidong nng to go to the police. It’s not one or two. How about people going wave after wave to die? Didn’t this police nemesis brand go to the Cultural Relics Bureau? But wait and see. Maybe they’re acting to show others. When have I ever defaulted on you?
Isn’t there another week? When the time comes, if the Cultural Relics Bureau really dares to borrow something, I’m sure I’ll treat you to a big meal for three days, and I’ll never go back on my word. Anyway, Director Song also borrowed a thing from me, and there is a way to borrow it. But there is no way for Wang Haidong to take this director. If he dares to hand Wang Zhanggui at this time, he will wait to be cleaned up. Even if it’s my treat, please be willing. "
The conversation between the two shopkeepers is just a microcosm of the antique market. At this time, it is true that some people don’t know the identity of Wang Haidong. After all, it is only a few days that the antique market in Wang Haidong really mixes up.
Although some people know that Wang Haidong has come out with a ghost face jade as a treasure, at this time, not all people can have the patience to inquire about what kind of person Wang Haidong is and what his background is.
Besides, at this time, Wang Haidong has already given the ghost face jade to the city. At this time, everyone’s eyes have been shifted to the city, and the average person in Wang Haidong really has no interest.
How did Wang Haidong grow up in this environment? Song Jiangfeng immediately recognized what it meant when he said this.
When Wang Haidong walked over, he said, "Look, Director Song said that my shop still needs the guidance of the leaders of Director Song. Please take care of us a lot. Director Song, if there is anything I can do, I will never refuse."
Wang Haidong’s words made Song Jiangfeng very satisfied to borrow the Nangong Hope Antiques. But the background of the Nangong Hope is very deep. Not all people dare to look at the Nangong Hope. Even in front of the Nangong Hope in Pang Tong, they have to respectfully call a teacher. However, some shopkeepers in this antique market, Song Jiangfeng, still have a good knowledge of themselves.
Of course, an old fox like shopkeeper Jia is not easy to deal with. It is difficult to lend it out for the second time.
I came here to borrow and return the kind of things. Now, let’s talk about borrowing them for the second time. Your shopkeepers are all stupid. Borrowing antiques from museums must not be ordinary things. Even those shopkeepers are very painful.
It’s impossible for those old foxes to borrow it for the second time, but it’s different in Wang Haidong. It’s easier for such young people to deal with it. Song Jiangfeng recognizes that it’s easy to clean up this Wang Haidong less.
Especially Wang Haidong’s speech attitude at this time is more respectful, which makes Song Jiangfeng feel satisfied and Wang Haidong is more sensible.
Jubaoge Song Jiangfeng looked up at this plaque at this time as if he had thought of something, but in the end he really couldn’t remember it, that is, he followed Wang Haidong in.
It is very normal for Song Jiangfeng to feel familiar with this treasure pavilion, because such a plaque was hung by him personally. When Chen Dalong was in business, Wang Haidong’s father was already the vice mayor of the river city.
The vice mayor’s father-in-law set up an antique shop, and the cultural relics bureau also came to celebrate. Moreover, the plaque was also made by the cultural relics bureau, and it was Song Jiangfeng who personally hung it. At that time, he was relatively young, so it was easier to hang a card.
At that time, Pang Tong was just a deputy director, but times have changed. Chen Dalong Huilongguan antique market is also a cellar. Song Jiangfeng forgot this crop when he was very busy as an official. He looked at Jubaoge and found this plaque familiar. He thought it seemed to be more important, but he just couldn’t remember where it was important at this time.
Wangji River City, but a relatively low-key understanding of Wang Haidong officials, not many people are Chen Dalong, and even less, so Song Jiangfeng was confused and went in with Wang Haidong without much thought.
Or because I feel that Wang Haidong’s attitude is very good, Song Jiangfeng also said very kindly at this time, "I don’t have to say much about Wang Zhanggui’s superfluous words. I think you also know that our museum is going to receive a delegation recently."
Because this guy Song Jiangfeng is afraid that Wang Haidong and Nangong Wang really have something, even if they are not relatives, they are friends and future generations are also terrible. Can Nangong Wang friends have no background? But Song Jiangfeng always didn’t think of the Wang Haidong background to the Wangs in the river city, because Song Jiangfeng realized how Wang Jiasun came to the antique market to be a shopkeeper, and Wang Jiasun should be a public servant.
Therefore, at this time, he didn’t give such a thing a rest. Wang Jiasun left the official not to do it to be the shopkeeper of the antique market, unless this man was insane and Wang Haidong was such an idiot.
Wang Haidong made a good tea according to the rules, and then replied, "I heard about this. It is said that the investment in the city attracted a delegation. This is a good thing. If the delegation is happy, it is also easy to negotiate this investment. What can I do to help Director Song? I will definitely not refuse if I can help."
Song Jiangfeng nodded and said, "That’s what I like about you young people. It’s rare for you young people to have your vision. This time, we have a heavy investment attraction. Those delegations are rich and rich, but we can’t be too shabby when they come out to visit our museum. To tell the truth, our river city museum is poor and there is nothing decent. Hehe, that is, it is still attractive to make tangdao good. Therefore, I don’t have nothing to ask you to lend it to the museum for a month. Naturally, it will be returned to Zhao in perfect condition."
Song Jiangfeng seems to have asked for the public interest after this request. At this time, not all people can have the courage to refuse such a request, and personal interests should be subordinate to individual interests.