Everyone is clenched and angry, and their bodies can’t help but tremble. They don’t want to know that Rowling must have been subjected to inhuman abuse, otherwise how could it have become like this?

"Always fight with them." Liu Zhe ran outside when he was excited. He and Rowling hit it off at once, and Liu Zhe held a kind of worship for Rowling, not because Rowling was man show and ashamed when they first met.
Feng Yang tugged at Liu Zhedao. "Do you want to make trouble?"
"Tian you big ye, you see mywood is what kind of" Liu Zhe roared.
"We will definitely give them back to them if they give them to us, but not now Xiao Tingwei and Tengxiong. Mywood and I will get rid of them ourselves." Alex also said excitedly.
At this time, it is Wu Hua who is complicated. His memory still stays in the period when he went to Feiyun Gate. At that time, his roots had not been exposed to such sinister rivers and lakes and such vicious people. Now it is unacceptable for him to see Luo Lin become like this.
Feng Yang looked silent and didn’t know what to think. Wu Huadao: "Did you see the woman in Ping An Restaurant let them go that day? That’s how they treat our brothers now. Will they be kind and grateful to you?" Laughing at the wind, Yang continued, "The mainland is a place where people eat people. If you are not cruel, you will be eaten by others with bones and skin. You are so kind to the enemy, but the enemy is cruel to your brother. They will be cruel to you if they have the opportunity."
Wu Hua took a look at Feng Yang without saying a word and then turned back to his room.
"Hua Zi" Youxueer took a look back at Wu Hua, followed by two steps of consciousness, and then the pure and beautiful face flashed a dim light, stopped and looked at Wu Hua’s disappearing direction with tears in her eyes, and her heart twitched and hurt.
The wind Yang looked at Wu Hua’s disappearance direction and looked at the original place. Euchel shook his head and sighed.
Then Rowling was carried in, and Han Lei once again used great aura to treat Rowling. After Rowling’s injury recovered, Han Lei was already tired, pale and petite.
This shy girl has been following Fengyang silently since she was rescued by the wind. She usually has nothing to say in the face of Fengyang, and her eyes will be shy, blushing and stuttering. Many times, people will even ignore such a girl because she is too quiet and shy.
However, when everyone is injured, this shy girl will resolutely come out and use her aura to treat everyone’s injuries.
The wind Yang hugged the crumbling Han Lei Han Lei’s pale face, but the panic in her eyes also showed her nervousness. At the wind Yang, she quickly moved her sight.
"Have a good rest" Feng Yang will hold the room tightly for Han Lei, cover her with a quilt and sit on the bed. Looking at this girl who has been with herself for two years, it is too little for her to help people around her and give her heart and bosom. "Thank you Han Lei"
Han Lei was very worried when she saw Feng Yang’s face of sorrow. "Brother Feng Yang, don’t say that. If you hadn’t saved me, I would have been sold to a brothel. I am brother Feng Yang’s brother to save Feng Yang. I am willing to do anything. I am really afraid that I can’t sleep at night."
"Well, I know that after you have a good rest, Feng Yang’s brother won’t let people bully you." Feng Yang gently brushed Han Lei’s smooth head like an elder coaxing a younger generation to sleep.
Han Lei was really tired, and Feng Yang was very practical and fell asleep.
Feng Yang walked out of the room lightly and Tang Ning stared at Feng Yang at the door and bit his lip. "What took you so long to come out?"
The wind Yang walked beside Downing and suddenly hugged Downing "you know? I missed you for half a year in Sunset City. "
Downing was stunned by the sudden surprise for a long time, and a burst of happiness and warmth flooded her heart. She had been looking forward to it for too long.
Just for a moment, Downing burst into tears "I miss you too"! ~!
Hand-written novels
Chapter five hundred and ninety-five Heart to heart
Welcome you to come.
This forced life is like a man and a woman walking together. When you go through a lot of hardships and take off your women’s clothes, then I will give you a try to keep you at a loss. You are about to insert your expression into the clip at that moment. Tightening the hole makes you hold back a fire.
It seems that there have been great changes from the first grade to the present one, but there is no difference in qualitative results
God just likes to play jokes on those who have a will, but some people are tempted by it, but they always want to lay a broad road for their brothers and sisters on their way to happiness, but they still let their brothers go through hardships with them.
Wu Hua’s amnesia, Hua Tian’s humiliation and Rowling’s abuse are all like sharp swords, and even though he has no heart now, he feels irritable and wants to kill people.
Xiao’s mercenary group and Ling Fengmen copied Fengyang’s idea of partnership club industry. On this day, Xiao Tingwei and Teng Xiong both heard the chicken dancing and the wind blowing, but they didn’t slack off here.
After the cock crowed for about half an hour, Juxian and a group of people got together.
Looking around at all the stupid Yu moving wind Yang said, "Renyi Ge Pongo Pony, you go to the club with me and watch others’ homes to prevent being attacked by people. It is absolutely no problem for you to protect yourself now."